What should you know about the OpenCart Mobile App Builder module?

Connecting with users transforms into a fundamental activity to make for every business. With your store having an OpenCart mobile app, you can make aware of your brand among mobile phone users and predictable quality among countless customers, and possible results. In the digitized period, customers need to see every one of the things promptly accessible and directing things cautiously.

Therefore, nowadays customers expect that a brand ought to have its mobile app. This shows notwithstanding how it is basic to have an edge over the opponents in the eCommerce world. Thusly, it is transforming into a need to try not to fall behind your opponents. Regardless, having a mobile application improves the trustability of the brand. Have it as a fundamental concern that the significance of mobile app holds in the current time. It is essentially adroit to make one for your eCommerce stores.

Anyway, what are the motivations to take your eCommerce business to the mobile app? This blog discusses the reasons to have the Opencart eCommerce mobile app extension that you should think about and also the features of the Opencart Mobile AppĀ  Builder before putting your time and energy into the equivalent.

Reasons to take your eCommerce business to go for a Mobile App

Everyone has taken the mobile way

The world has come past desktops and come to smartphones. As numerous individuals are using their cell phones to find neighborhood businesses. The eCommerce store proprietor can without a doubt promote their brand on the mobile apps as their advanced strategies are visible through mobile channels. Thusly, having an online website isn’t sufficient anymore. Individuals are spending less time on desktops and trusting absolutely the mobile applications. Thus, the chance has effectively gone back and forth to develop the mobile application for your OpenCart store.

Improves customer sales and services

The principal stress for any eCommerce store is customer satisfaction. Customer fulfillment is the splendid key to any productive business on the off chance that you don’t have it, move quickly and focus on it. Opencart eCommerce mobile app can do this for you as mobile apps give clear support to assisting customers and get significant info. Thusly, in addition to the fact that you would have the choice to forgo the slip-ups, yet moreover give them a vibe of devotion that makes long stretch customers.

Move your business to an overall platform

Focusing on an overall audience improves your business visibility just as gives you a superior standing on an overall platform. Associating with the overall audience isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Regardless, by and by the admin can take their business to an overall scale through the Opencart mobile app maker. Multiple languages support permits users to get to the app in their nearby language. This suggests whether your user is in France, Italy, or Spain they can get to the app in their nearby language with no issue.

A helpful shopping experience for customers

Customer comfort is one of the huge numbers of customer experiences that saves them time and effort of customers. Thus, the mobile apps for your OpenCart store can be one of the habits in which give customer comfort as mobile apps are less complex to use conversely with the website. The upsides of the Opencart mobile app maker can be better if the association develops the mobile app with front line and top of the line incorporates like multiple payment strategies, chat support, and live order tracking. At the point when the customer presented the app, the app will assist customers with showing up at their customer support service. This will help with building trust and brand affirmation among the mobile audience through the mobile app.

Stay up to date with the Push Notifications

The Opencart mobile app creator gives a customized understanding and interfaces. Furthermore, notifications are sent to the customers concerning any offers, sales, and so on. Push Notifications are the first and habitually most significant correspondence channels used by mobile applications. To give a superior correspondence channel, an impressive parcel of the Opencart eCommerce mobile app extension is giving the “Push Notification” usefulness in the mobile app. Nevertheless, what makes the Opencart Android mobile app maker from Knowband unique about them? To be sure, here comes the stunner, Opencart iOS app builder offers Limitless Push Notifications”. This usefulness in like manner serves to reconnect more customers which as of now have your app presented.

Thus, the inquiry that rings a bell is – How to do it?

In fact, on considering all the referred to focuses. You can go for a custom-fitted Opencart eCommerce mobile app extension with many advanced features, the configurable module, and back-end, and much more versatile decisions. Regardless, to have a revamped mobile app meeting all of your necessities, you should contact experienced mobile app developers to develop a user-engaging app for Android and iOS platforms.

Mobile app Opencart plugin

Features of the Opencart mobile app

Native application

The OpenCart eCommerce mobile app gives a native encounter to its customers.

Home page format customization

The store admin can customize the whole home page design with changes from the back-end of the Opencart Android app.

Multiple languages

No matter where your customers are signing in from, the Opencart iOS app furnishes them with content in their native language.

Payment and shipping method support

The Opencart mobile app builder accompanies the default payment strategies – PayPal and COD. The store admin can add other payment techniques from the back-end. Furthermore, the Opencart mobile app accompanies multiple shipping alternatives.

Continuous synchronization

The Opencart mobile app maker synchronizes your web store with the app progressively.

Simple Push-Notifications

With the Opencart mobile app creator, the store admin can send limitless push notifications to the users.

Customizable White Label branding

The Opencart mobile app gives you the chance to brand your business. There will no piece of Knowband once the app is ready.

Improved single-page checkout

The Mobile App Builder gives a single-page checkout to its customers.

Add to cart on Home and Category screen

The Home page and Category page of the Opencart Mobile App have the “Add To Cart” button for each product block.

Product Rating and Reviews

The OpenCart Mobile App has the usefulness to display the product rating and reviews on the front. Likewise, the apps additionally permit the customers to add ratings and reviews. Both “Compose Review” and “View Review” choices are accessible on the product screen of Android and iOS apps.

Expansion of Related products

With the Opencart Android app builder, the store admin can improve cross-selling by displaying the related products on the various pages of the mobile apps.

Offline mode

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker has now an offline function. In simple words, the pre-stacked screens might get to with lazy or no network availability. This improves the buying experience of your app.

Order tracking

The store trader can without much of a stretch check the order status and track each order from the back-end of the Opencart iOS app builder.

Social login

The OpenCart Mobile App integrates various social media login alternatives like Google and Facebook. The store admin can in like manner license Phone Number or Fingerprint login to users to give a quick login and registration approach to the front-end customers.


The Opencart mobile app is a completely useful and customizable choice that permits store owners to take their business to the following level. Settle on the correct decision and generate more sales and revenues by connecting better to your customers.

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