Your Own OpenCart Mobile Apps with Admin Panel Control

The eCommerce mobile app has a great potential to expand your online website business well in the market. Due to inherited features, the majority of the worldwide population is going towards the mobile shopping app when it comes to online product purchases. The shopping apps allow the eCommerce merchant to connect with the right customer easily and effectively showcase their products to them. It is also a great way to develop brand recognition in the mind of customers. The effective and efficient features of the Android and iOS app allow the store admin to offer all the necessary features or functionality required by modern customers. The store admin can even make the custom layout and customize the OpenCart Mobile App according to the need.

Launch Android & iOS Mobile App for OpenCart

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder plays an important role for all the online store owners who don’t have coding experience & want some affordable solution. It helps all OpenCart store owners to transform their websites into a pair of native shopping apps. The store admin can target a vast range of mobile customers and enhance the business reach with minimal effort. All the changes made to the admin panel of the extension will get reflected on the Android and iOS apps in the run time.

Knowband is one of the popular plugins and mobile app providers for the leading eCommerce platforms.  Its OpenCart Mobile App Maker helps the eCommerce business to grow and increase sales in no time. . It is based on the readymade app concept so the store admin does not have to worry about any kind of technical difficulties. Everything will be handled by an experienced pool of developers. 

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Popular Features of OpenCart Mobile App Builder:

1. Branded App Solution –

It is one of the important features that an OpenCart Mobile App must have because it gives an identity to your brand in the customer’s mind and increases its value. The store admin can choose desired app name, logo, splash screen, banner, etc. The OpenCart Mobile App makes sure your customers are well aware of your brand and products. 

2. Custom Homepage Layout-

Designing the mobile app home screen layout and customizing it according to convenience is now easier than ever. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App Maker consists of a drag and drop option that allows the store admin to adjust the layout and use multiple images and product blocks. The store admin can customize the layout and perform other OpenCart mobile app changes without any coding knowledge.

3. Easy Social Login-

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker allows the customers to login into the Android and iOS app with easy social login options. The Google, Facebook, Email registration,  Fingerprint, Phone no (OTP)  login option gives easy access to the mobile app. 

4. Multilingual And RTL Support –

It is now easy to target multiple countries/locations at the same time. Targeting multiple countries with a single app can improve the sales & growth of the eCommerce business. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator easily supports all the languages available on the eCommerce website including RTL scripts. The store admin can also enable multiple currencies on the Android and iOS apps. 

5. Easy Online Purchase-

The Mobile App for OpenCart helps the customer to get more connected to the shopping app. Customers can find all the reliable and trustworthy payment and shipping options (available on the eCommerce website) on the Android and iOS apps.

6. Simplified Checkout-

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder consists of a simplified checkout process. It helps to grab the customer’s interest when they are going to leave the app. The mobile apps allow the customer to perform the transaction activities without entering in too much information.

7. Automatic Synchronization-

Now, the store admin does not need to update data/information manually. The OpenCart Android App Builder can easily synchronize the eCommerce website with the eCommerce app so every change performed by the store admin on the eCommerce website will be reflected on the app automatically. This option prevents the store admin from performing the changes at two different places and keeps their shopping app up to date without much manual effort.

8. Push Notifications-

With an inbuilt push notification feature, the store admin can easily send personalized push notifications to Android and iOS apps.  The notification can be sent to the customer even if they are not using the OpenCart Mobile App and their mobile phone screen is off. Push notifications can be scheduled manually or automatically from the admin panel.

9. Offline Mode-

Offline mode allows the customers to have access to their shopping app even in no or slow internet connectivity. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to enable the advantage of accessing the offline mode and the customers can easily access the mobile app and add the product to wishlist or cart. 

10. Customer Chat Support –

Zopim and WhatsApp chat function gives the great advantage to the customer to get connected with store admin 24*7 via mobile app. The customers can get their issues and queries resolved instantly with OpenCart Mobile App. 


In this blog, you must have understood that the mobile app is very much an essential part of the eCommerce business. The OpenCart Mobile App has the potential to grow the eCommerce business to the next level. The mobile apps help to engage more customers in the eCommerce store and developing a more interactive user interface giving a competitive advantage to the business. For more information like this, you can connect us at [email protected]

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