Build Marketplace For OpenCart & Launch Android & iOS Mobile Apps

The OpenCart Multi Vendor is a shopping app platform that allows customers to buy products from several sellers on a single platform. Online marketplace reduces time and effort for users to buy. In order to serve the large traffic on the online market, many vendors sell their products and services online. The store owners can also generate enormous profits without investing in inventories by selling third-party products. Moreover, the OpenCart marketplace extension is the combination of OpenCart Marketplace and OpenCart Mobile App.


Knowband has built an incredible OpenCart marketplace extension in order to transform the single supplier store into a complete marketplace in a few easy clicks. With the OpenCart Marketplace Module, the store admin can quickly enhance the market reach. The OpenCart Multivendor App allows the store admin to transform the eCommerce store into the Android and iOS app. 


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Steps to convert the store into an OpenCart Multi-Vendor marketplace App:


  1. The store admin can buy the OpenCart Multi-vendor App from the Knowband store.
  2. Install the OpenCart Plugin on the admin interface of the eCommerce store.
  3. Set up the OpenCart marketplace Multi-Seller App and launch it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Main highlights of OpenCart Marketplace Extension:


  1. The vendor can begin to sell its products on the market only when the store admin has approved the vendor’s account request. It allows sellers to easily register into the OpenCart module from the web store. 


  1. A global or individual commission can be charged by the shop admin from the vendor.


  1. The OpenCart Marketplace Extension provides separate dashboards for both store owners and sellers to manage and monitor products, orders, and other items.


  1. From the seller portal, vendors can add also products, personal details, and shipping services. Additionally, from the admin interface, store admin can quickly track and approve or deny product and category requests.


OpenCart Marketplace App Maker Features –


  1. The OpenCart Marketplace App Maker also allows the store admin to launch mobile apps and design the interface.


  1. The store admin can send the push notifications to the customers by OpenCart Multivendor App. 


  1. The OpenCart Marketplace App Builder consists of a real-time synchronization feature that includes all the eCommerce website inventory and data into the shopping app. 


  1. The OpenCart consists of website payment and shipping methods that give the transaction ease to the customers. 


  1. OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace app supports almost every product type.


Conclusion –


Customer reviews are also maintained in the store’s backend panel and require admin approval to show into the OpenCart Marketplace App. Once the store admin confirms the user’s request, the reviews will appear on the OpenCart Multivendor App front end. Hence, send us an email at [email protected] to learn more about features like these.

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