Why Your OpenCart eCommerce Website Needs a Mobile App in 2021?

If you are planning to build & launch an eCommerce Mobile App for your business, 2021 is the year for you.  With each passing year, eCommerce is growing and so is the neck to neck competition in all industries. The same goes for the eCommerce and mobile industry as well. Customers, especially millennials, are spending most of their time on mobile apps as compared to online stores. With the rate of increase of mobile app users day by day, every online store is in urgent need of a shopping application.

The OpenCart eCommerce platform has opened the new possibility of business growth with an enhanced user experience. Businesses are spending more on new technologies to improve their sales graph. The OpenCart eCommerce platform consists of several exciting features like wishlist, notifications, multiple payment options, quick checkouts, etc.  OpenCart eCommerce enhances the shopping experience of users and also boosts your store revenue. 

KnowBand plugins is offering handy and affordable Mobile App Builder for all OpenCart store owners out there. The store admin can now stop struggling with improving sales on the website and tap into the mobile audience. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker extension is a no-code tool to offer featured and sale booster Android and iOS apps for your business.

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Reasons to Build an OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App-

There are enough reasons to make any user opt for the OpenCart eCommerce mobile app rather than the desktop website. Because of current technology trends, people like things fast and efficiently. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator offers everything at the fingertips of mobile users and lets them shop more from a seamless channel.

1. Easy shopping leads to more purchase

If you want to build customer loyalty and enhance the customer experience, then you need to give them high-performance attributes in the app. OpenCart eCommerce mobile app helps in improving the online presence of your store and its features allow users to keep coming back to your websites. 

a) Quicker Purchase-

In the era of technological advancements, users expect to have expeditious internet speed, and offering mobile apps is a great way to deliver that. OpenCart Mobile App Creator module makes sure that the Android and iOS app come up with quick login options (Google, Facebook, OTP, and Fingerprint) and quick checkout. The entire purchase flow is fully seamless and self-guided for mobile shoppers. 

b) Easy to Personalize-

What if there is a way to change the look and feel of the app whenever required, that too without any development or code change? The OpenCart Mobile App Builder does that for your apps. The store admin can completely configure and personalize the apps look to working with a few mouse tweaks. 

Right from color choice to font or logo, the admin can set everything on their own. Also, the eCommerce mobile apps with OpenCart Mobile App Creator are completely white label and open to any branding. 

2. Customer engagement is the key to sales

Once the customers have downloaded your apps they can show a high level of interest in your apps. OpenCart Mobile App Builder allows you to send all sorts of marketing or sales promotions and make them open app and shop more. The store admin can go for multiple approaches such as push notifications, coupons, reward points, etc. 

a) Coupon, Reward points, and Vouchers –

Coupons, Vouchers, and rewards are some of the easiest ways to boost consumer satisfaction and sales. Users want to feel special and well-treated, especially loyal customers. They deserve their regular shopping benefit. With the OpenCart Mobile App Creator, The store admin can keep all coupons and vouchers of the website synced with the apps and also offer special deals if required. 

B) Push notifications-

Through the OpenCart eCommerce platform, you can easily inform your customers about the latest discounts, deals and also give updates for the products that are back in stock. Push notifications are a great way to inform the customers on a regular basis and keep them coming back to the store. 

3. Target Global/Regional Audience

OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App allows you to take the advantage of targeting customers from different regions. Having customers from different regions boosts your sales along with customer loyalty. OpenCart Mobile App Builder is Multi-lingual and offers global payment and shipping benefits. 

a) Multi-lingual-

Customers with various regions may be difficult to target, but the OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App supports RTL (right to left) writing style as well as multi-lingual support. You will conveniently reach markets around the globe and can easily communicate the information to the customers.

b) Local/ Global Payments/Shipping-

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker provides PayPal and COD payment methods by default. But you can also include other payment methods as well. It gives you reliable and secure payment options such as Credit Card, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and many more.

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator also supports multiple shipping methods. You can easily include the shipping methods according to your target region. 

4. Direct Communication Channel –

It is important for every business to keep in touch with their customers to solve their queries/ problems and get their feedback. OpenCart Mobile App Maker opens up a direct communication channel where your customers can easily interact with the store admin. OpenCart Mobile App Creator offers live chat support and CMS pages to the customers.

a) Live Chat Support-

Live Chat Support is necessary to bridge the communication gap between you and customers. OpenCart Mobile App offers Zopim and WhatsApp chat features by default to provide instant assistance to the users. It includes a 24*7 chat service so customers can directly chat with you regarding any issues and get immediate assistance.

b) CMS pages-

CMS Pages helps to give information to users about the business such as about us, contact us, terms and conditions, etc. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App CMS pages give enough reliable information to the users. It also enhances the brand value in the mind of the customers. 


OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App is designed by keeping current technology changes in mind. It allows the app owner to Personalize the app and modify it as per user requirement without the need for coding knowledge. There are also several features in OpenCart Mobile App Builder that are helpful in giving a competitive advantage.


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