Top Features To Consider For OpenCart Mobile App Development

The eCommerce Mobile apps have become a crucial need for any online business these days. The ongoing demand for native shopping apps is fast evolving according to the current market trend. Additionally, it has been already estimated that eCommerce mobile apps are used by around half of the worldwide population. The majority of business owners have already launched OpenCart Mobile App and are witnessing growth. The Android and iOS shopping also apps allow eCommerce brands to get a competitive advantage and boost sales with exciting features. Moreover, the OpenCart Mobile App Maker is one such readymade extension that can simply assist with launching Android and iOS apps. Even if the store admin doesn’t have coding skills, he can own a pair of mobile apps and manage them on his own.

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1. Customizable White Label App-

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to launch a fully branded mobile app with extended customization possibilities. Additionally, the eCommerce merchant can choose the store logo, splash screen, name, app icon, etc. to engage more customers in the eCommerce mobile app. Hence, the Android and iOS apps can be published on the Google Play Store and Apple App store using the brand’s business accounts.

2. Home Page Layout Optimization-

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker helps store admin to completely customize the shopping app home screen layout. Moreover, the store owner can change the entire look and feel of the home screen of the app with few mouse tweaks. Also, the home screen layout can be created by using attractive colors, fonts, banners, and images, designing blocks, etc. The colors, fonts, DIY editor can be helpful in changing the live app interface anytime.

3. Real-time Synchronization-

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App is in synchronization with the eCommerce website products inventory and data. So, if the store admin makes any changes in the product or categories on the website, it will automatically get updated on the Android and iOS apps. There isn’t any need to perform any manual changes in the app for inventory updates.

4. Unlimited Push Notifications-

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator consists of a push notifications feature that allows the store admin to send personalized notifications to the users and promote deals and products. Also, the notification can be personalized from the admin panel and sent to the user with no or very less manual intervention. Hence, the notification can be focused on eCommerce store updates, discounts, offers, and much more things.

5. Social Login-

The store admin can enable several login options including Email, Google, and Facebook in the OpenCart Mobile App. The easy registration and login options also play a great role in establishing trust among customers. The store admin can also enable the Fingerprint and Phone Number (OTP) Login option in the Android and iOS app for user authentication.

6. Simplified Checkout-

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App encourages the customers to seamlessly checkout from the shopping app. The simple and handy checkout process allows the customer to have easy purchases without filling in any unnecessary information.

7. Multi-lingual and RTL Support-

The store admin can also target a vast mobile audience with the help of the OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App multilingual feature. Thus, the Android and iOS apps comprises of all the languages available on the eCommerce store. The customer can translate the shopping app according to their preferred language in just a click.

8. Multiple Payment and Shipping Support-

The Android and iOS app consist of a number of payment and shipping options in order to facilitate transactions. So, the OpenCart Mobile App fetches all the website payment and shipping options. It allows users to conveniently choose the preferred payment method and perform easy transactions.


Thus, it is necessary for any eCommerce business owner to transform the eCommerce store into the Android and iOS app. So, the market of OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App is growing and many businesses have already adopted it. Knowband encourages you to take a step forward and allows you to generate a profit in comparison to your competitors.

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