How Can You Own A White Label Branded OpenCart Mobile App?

We all are aware that the mobile app industry is evolving rapidly and so is Mobile Commerce. Online shoppers are more inclined towards the eCommerce mobile app so the demand is also increasing with the high rate. No matter if your business is big or small, a featured shopping app has become an essential need for all. According to the research, 42% of small businesses currently have a mobile app and 30% are planning to build an app in the future. But, how are you going to differentiate yourself in the eCommerce market? As mentioned earlier, eCommerce businesses are seeking the Android and iOS app for the growth of their business and one such solution is white-label OpenCart Mobile App Maker.

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Why Launch an OpenCart Mobile App With Your Brand?

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder has come up with the great idea of having white-label apps and showcase your products and catalog with your values. We have mentioned some important benefits for that-

1. Increase In Demand For Mobile Apps-

According to Google trends, the “mobile app development” is one of the most searched terms recently. As you can see that now people are getting more preferred to the shopping app than online websites. So, businesses nowadays want to invest in Android and iOS apps because of their increased popularity. The companies are using the eCommerce mobile app for getting more customers with enhanced visibility. Also, the eCommerce store wants to be one step ahead just to appeal and attract more customers to the mobile app.

People are still searching for better eCommerce apps in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This means that the mobile app development solutions still haven’t reached their full potential. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker understands the high demand for shopping apps and helps in launching a featured pair for the same. It helps you in attracting new customers, having a competitive advantage, and increasing sales. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator plays an important role in increasing the eCommerce business value and promoting your store among mobile audiences with minimal effort.

2. Easy And Low-Cost Entry to Market-

Before developing the shopping app, the store admin weighs the investment cost required for that. The Android and iOS mobile apps provide a huge potential for growth for eCommerce businesses. It is a white-label app that helps the store owner to generate a high ROI. So, developing the Android and iOS app for the eCommerce store is a win-win situation for the store admin.

3. Offers Affordable Apps-

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App Builder is the most affordable app for eCommerce merchants. If the eCommerce business is small/new and they are not able to afford the expensive apps, OpenCart Mobile App Builder is the right solution. The store owner just needs to purchase the extension from Knowband and launch the eCommerce app in Google Play and Apple App Store with their own business account.

4. Growing Mobile App Industry-

The demand and growth of the shopping app are still on the rise and it consists of lots of advantages in the upcoming future. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker is built with the fact that mobile phone usage is growing worldwide and users are spending more time on their mobile devices. After launching the Android and iOS apps, the store owner can get an endless opportunity to grow their business well in the eCommerce market. There is a very high probability that new mobile users will come to your mobile apps for shopping. It will help you to generate more revenue and increase sales via the eCommerce mobile app.

5. Value-Added Services-

The white-label feature makes your shopping app look & feel very much valuable. This functionality makes your mobile app look more appealing to prospective customers. The main reason is that there are a lot of eCommerce businesses that offer the same products. In order to differentiate yourself from others, your app needs to be different and it is the best strategy to do so. This feature helps you in delivering the unique value in the target segment. By adding value to the eCommerce mobile app, the store admin can make higher profit margins, and keep your clients happy at the same time. It will also help you to focus on specific audiences and widen your reach.

6. HomePage Layout Designing –

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator allows the store admin to change the whole user interface of the home screen of shopping apps. The eCommerce merchant can create, add and select any layout in the shopping app anytime. The store admin can select the right layout according to the demand and requirements. Multiple theme-based layouts can be created and saved in the admin panel of the extension.

7. Intuitive Colors and Font Choices –

The store admin can easily include the alluring colors and fonts, banners, images, and much more in the OpenCart Mobile App. The choice of the colors and font allows the store admin to change the whole user shopping experience to the next level. The store admin can provide a fresh look & feel to the mobile app to increase the customer’s curiosity.

8. Admin Panel Control –

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker provides full backend control of the app to the store admin. The eCommerce merchant can easily perform the changes in the backend of the module and the same will be reflected on the Android and iOS app. The store admin can have easy control over customer data, order status, products, categories, and much more. The extension backend makes it way easier for the store admin to perform the changes.


With the boom of the eCommerce industry, the demand for a mobile app is ever more than before. There is not any visible sign that it will go down anytime near soon. So, in order to grab this opportunity, the eCommerce business needs to provide mobile app solutions to its prospective customers. The Mobile App for OpenCart is one of the best solutions that offer white label apps. This OpenCart module will help store admin to build the shopping app and publish it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store without the intervention of any third party.

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