Everything You Need To Know About OpenCart PWA Mobile App

In a very short span of time, Progressive Web Apps have made its name in the mobile app landscape. This is all because of the various advantages that it provides to the customers as well as the store owners.

Taking eCommerce into consideration, most companies already have their PWA up & running & many more are soon to launch their own PWA. OpenCart, a popular open-source eCommerce platform, also allows easy configuration of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App. But a lot of OpenCart e-Merchants may still not be aware of PWAs.

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To help you out, this write-up describes everything you would need to know about an OpenCart PWA Mobile App & how it can be built & launched without any hassle.

Progressive Web Apps 101s:

Progressive Web Apps are like a blend between a website & a mobile app. On the user end, a PWA appears to work like a mobile app but it actually runs on the internet browser of that device. The ‘Service Workers & ‘Web App Manifest’ gives it the look & feel of a mobile app. 

Admins don’t even need to publish a PWA on the app store. A PWA is in fact made live the mobile website of that company & app users download/ install that PWA from the mobile website itself. On a PWA active mobile website, when visitors click the ‘Add-To-HomeScreen’ popup (shown on the screen), the PWA automatically gets installed on their mobile device.

OpenCart PWA Mobile App:

An eCommerce PWA mobile app can be easily built & launched for an OpenCart store (website). With the use of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder extension, store owners can launch their OpenCart PWA within a couple of days. This app builder extension is a no-code solution that builds a white label & customizable OpenCart PWA Mobile App.

The OpenCart PWA Builder extension as well as the PWA built with this are laced with all the latest features on the frontend & the backend. Some of those features are listed below:

Core Features Of The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder:

Let’s take a quick glance at how this extension can assist OpenCart store owners in launching Progressive Web Apps and doing wonders with top-notch features:

#1. Multi-Currency & Multi-Lingual App:

Apart from the language English, if you need your OpenCart PWA to support any non-English language or multiple international languages, then this OpenCart PWA Builder extension is the right tool for your business. The same way your OpenCart PWA will support multiple international currencies too.

#2. DIY Home-Page Layout Builder:

On the backend of the OpenCart PWA Builder extension, a simplified yet feature-rich home-page layout settings tab is also provided for the store admins to design, edit or change the home page layout of their Progressive Web App.

#3. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Your PWA users will receive personalized Push Notifications on their mobile devices that will keep them engaged with shopping on your OpenCart PWA mobile app. With this PWA builder extension offers an unlimited number of Push Notifications that the store owners can send to their app users.

Other than the features described above, a lot more features are provided within the OpenCart PWA builder & the web apps built using it. Some of them are:-

  • Facebook & Google Login
  • Address pre-saving in ‘My-Account’ section
  • Enhanced layered navigation
  • Language & currency selection
  • List & grid view of products
  • Multiple social sharing options 
  • Coupon & voucher support
  • One-Page Checkout
  • All payment & shipment methods of the website
  • Order Tracking
  • Personalized Push Notifications

Concluding Statements:

Progressive Web Apps have been around for 5 years up until now but they have made a huge impact in the eCommerce landscape. Hence, being aware of PWAs & how they work is something every business must know. With this write-up, we aimed to elaborate on OpenCart PWA Mobile App & we hope all this information will be of great help for OpenCart businesses who are willing to launch their PWA Mobile App. The extension is also available for other popular eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, Magento 2, and WooCommerce.

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