Top Ready-to-use OpenCart PWA for eCommerce

Modern online customers prefer new technology rather than just sticking to websites especially when it comes to online product shopping. The trends of online product purchases have been changed nowadays. One of the new technological solutions is a Progressive Web App. Every eCommerce store owner should be aware of the potential of a PWA Mobile App in eCommerce. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker is the most convenient and affordable extension to launch a Progressive Web App for your eCommerce website. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder is a cross-platform, ready-to-use eCommerce mobile app solution. It is well-known for providing a native-app-like experience to customers & improve the online shopping experience.

The PWA Mobile App for OpenCart does not depend on the third party medium for launch, but it can be made live on the eCommerce website URL itself. The Progressive Web App can be simply installed with an “Add To Home Screen” pop-up. It will appear whenever a customer is browsing the website on the mobile browser. 

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Core Features of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder:

1. Easy PWA Installation-

The users can conveniently add the PWA shopping app while browsing the website on a mobile browser. By simply tapping on the “Add to Home Screen” popup, the customer can quickly install the Progressive Web App on their mobile devices. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder allows the customer to easily install the mobile app into their mobile device without any third-party medium dependency.

2. White Label Apps (Complete Branding)-

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App offers the benefit to the store admin of launching the eCommerce Mobile App with their own name and brand. The store owner can add an app name, logo, brand, icon, images, splash screen, color schemes, etc. 

3. Easy Customization (Home Page Layout)-

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to customize the Progressive Web App home screen from the admin panel. The PWA Mobile app also provides the option to the store admin to add, select and create their own layout using various banners, images, sliders, intuitive colors, and font, etc. So, the store owner can make all the necessary changes without any technical or coding requirements and the same will be reflected on the live app.

4.  Real-Time Synchronization with Push Notifications:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator allows the eCommerce merchants to synchronize entire website product inventory and data into the mobile app. Hence, all the changes performed on the website products/categories will be immediately reflected on the Progressive Web App. 

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker also allows the store admin to inform the customer about the new deals, discounts, and updates via push notifications. The push notifications can be simply configured and sent from the admin panel. 

5. Offline Browsing Mode-

The OpenCart PWA App Maker allows the users to seamlessly access the Progressive Web App when they are having internet connection issues. With offline browsing, the customers can simply check the preloaded products and categories in case of a slow internet connection. 

Other Features of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker:

1. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App is supported on all devices. The Progressive Web Apps seamlessly work on every Android or iOS device, whether it’s a mobile phone or a tablet. 

2. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator allows the store admin to offer all desired languages in Progressive Web App. The eCommerce shopping app also allows the store admin to sell their product globally/regionally without any language barriers.

3. All eCommerce website payment and shipping options are compatible with PWA Mobile app. Additionally, the OpenCart eCommerce Progressive Web App makes it easy and convenient for the customer to perform the transactions and make purchases.

4. Customers can use the one-page checkout process of PWA for OpenCart to easily perform the transactions. Also, the customers can also use the benefit of a single-tap login (Facebook & Google) without filling in excessive information.


The OpenCart eCommerce PWA App is a cross-platform dependent that can provide a better shopping experience to the customers. The Progressive Web App can be used to target a wide range of mobile-based audiences and increase the company’s revenues and sales. The store admin can also customize the PWA Mobile App according to the need and demand. Connect with us at [email protected] to learn more.

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