Grow your eCommerce store with the OpenCart Mobile App Builder

When you talk about eCommerce businesses, you know that in the last few decades the industry has grown exponentially. With the growth came a lot of competition and if you don’t know how to stay ahead, your eCommerce business will lag. With the advancements and growth, the role of mobile phones has also increased. Now, having an eCommerce website is not enough, you as a store merchant need to have an eCommerce mobile app that works for you. Not only would the mobile app for eCommerce help you reach out to wider to your targeted audience, it has numerous other benefits as well. If you are looking forward to growing your eCommerce store and have an OpenCart store, having the Opencart mobile app will be helpful. This blog talks about the features of the Opencart Mobile App Builder that helps you grow your eCommerce business.

Features of the OpenCart Mobile App Builder

Total control on designing the Home Page

When you build the app using the Opencart mobile app creator, you will be able to design the entire Home Page yourself without much help. Starting from the layout, the grids, the images, the titles, and categories, you as the store admin will be able to do it all with ease. Thanks to the Opencart mobile app maker, you have a functional step-by-step guide as the User Manual that guides you in installation as well as the configuration of the eCommerce mobile app.

Easy tracking and management

With the help of the Opencart eCommerce mobile app extension, the store admin can easily track all the orders from the back-end. In addition, even the customers can check all the past orders with the Opencart eCommerce mobile app. Talking about the management, the store admin can easily manage the website and app because the Opencart iOS app provides 100% synchronization. So, whatever happens on the website, happens on the app as well.

Easy Push-Notifications

With the Opencart mobile app maker, the store admin can send limitless push notifications to the users.

Customizable White Label branding

The Opencart mobile app offers you the possibility of branding your business. There will no a part of Knowband because of the end result of the app.

Simplified checkout

The Mobile App Builder offers a single-web page checkout for its clients.

Add to cart on Home and Category display screen

The Home display screen & Category display screen of the Opencart Mobile App has the “Add To Cart” button for each
product block.

Product Rating and Reviews

The OpenCart Mobile Apps can show the product ratings and reviews at the front-end. In addition, the apps additionally permit the clients to feature ratings and reviews. Moreover, “Write Review” and “View review” are alternatives on the display screen of Android and iOS apps.

Addition of Related merchandise

With the Opencart Android app builder, the shop admin can enhance cross-promoting by showing the related products on the exclusive pages of the mobile apps.

Offline mode

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker has now offline compatibility. In clean words, the pre-loaded monitors are accessible with slow or no internet connectivity. This improves the shopping revel in of your app.


Above all, do you want to take your eCommerce business to new heights? The Opencart mobile app builder by Knowband is what you should be taking a look at. To get a better understanding of the Opencart mobile app creator, check out the links below.

User manual

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