A Definitive Guide To Launch OpenCart Native Shopping Apps

The eCommerce trends and technologies have changed drastically and so it became necessary for eCommerce businesses to opt for mobile apps. Many customers are more attracted and preferred towards eCommerce mobile apps than desktop websites because it offers them convenient and seamless shopping experiences. The shopping app for an eCommerce store gives a competitive edge and keeps you ahead in the race.

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App Builder is a no-code solution that transforms your OpenCart website into an Android and iOS app. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder allows the eCommerce website data such as transactions, orders, inventory details, and more to synchronize into the Android & iOS app. The OpenCart Mobile App maker is built for both Android and iOS apps and also consists of its own set of amazing features & functionalities.

Knowband is one of the popular eCommerce plugin providers and OpenCart Mobile App Maker can increase shopping app sales by engaging more customers on the mobile. It enhances the customer experience by providing a seamless shopping experience to the customers.

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Steps To Launch Android & iOS Apps for OpenCart:

The module consists of only 3 steps to integrate the website data into the Mobile App for OpenCart:

A) Purchase Extension:

After purchasing the OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder, the store admin can install the extension on the website and configure the same.

B) Fill Pre-requisite Form:

The store admin can send the required details to create apps by filling the pre-requisite form.

C) Review Final App & Publish:

The eCommerce Mobile App for OpenCart will be created and shared with the store owner for review. Once everything is fine, the store admin needs to publish the same or ask us to do it for him.

Top Features Of OpenCart Mobile App Maker:

There are several features of OpenCart Android & iOS App Maker that are very important to have in every eCommerce store. Some of them are mentioned below –

1. White Label Apps and Customization-

Launching the mobile app under the website brand name is very important because it helps in establishing the core value of the business. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to launch their mobile app under its brand name. The brand name, app logo, icon, image splash screen, etc. can also be of the store owner choice.

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App allows the store admin to customize the home screen according to the festivals, occasions, seasons, and other requirements. The banner, images, sliders, etc. can be changed in the eCommerce app by accessing the admin panel. Actually, the admin panel allows the store admin to add multiple layouts and configure the same whenever required. As a result, the app home screen can be changed anytime even after it is live.

2. Intuitive Colors Fonts Choice-

The store admin can select the intuitive colors and fonts for the app with the help of the OpenCart Mobile App Builder. The colors and fonts are changed to modify the look and feel of the shopping app anytime.

3. One Tap Login-

The OpenCart Mobile App maker consists of a one-tap login feature. This feature of OpenCart Mobile App Builder consists of social media (Google & Facebook ) and email id sign up or login option. The store admin can also enable fingerprint and OTP options for better security.

4. All Product Type Support –

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker also supports all product types. The products can be grouped, bundled, single, etc according to the website. The customer can also search the product through voice search.

5. Multilingual and RTL Support –

The store admin can include all the language and currencies on the app that is available on the eCommerce website and can also offer RTL languages as well. The users of the mobile app will find the same language and currencies option as of the website.

6. Payment and Shipping Methods with Single Page Checkout –

The Mobile App for OpenCart consists of all the payment and shipping methods available on the eCommerce website. The store admin can integrate more payment and shipping methods in the Android and iOS app if required.

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows users to perform the transaction with ease with simplified checkout. The users only have to fill in the necessary information to perform the transaction. The information is shown twice to the user to verify the order before payment.

7. Coupon and discounts –

The OpenCart Android App Builder allows the store admin to enable the coupon and voucher support to get the benefit to the potential customers. The users can enter the coupon and discount codes while placing an order on the Android or iOS apps.

8. Live Synchronization –

The Real-time synchronization feature of OpenCart App Maker allows the Android & iOS app to be fully synchronized with the eCommerce website. All the website information such as tracking status, transactions, product inventory, etc will be synchronized and updated even when the app is live.

9. Push Notifications and order status –

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App consists of push notification features that tell users about the latest discounts and offerings of the mobile app. The store admin can manually and automatically send push notifications to the app users.

The OpenCart Mobile App allows customers to have a track of their previous order status. The customer can know the order status by automated push notifications.

10. Zopim & WhatsApp Chat –

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to enable Zopim & WhatsApp Chat in the mobile app. This feature allows the store admin to provide 24*7 customer support and solve users queries and issues in run time.

Conclusion –

This article consists of a definitive guide that is going to help you to understand the basic functionality of OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder and also will give you the appropriate reasons to launch the app. Knowband will help you in all aspects from OpenCart Mobile App development to publishing. You can also send us an email at [email protected]¬†for discussion.



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