What are the key perks of OpenCart Mobile App Builder?

Mobile apps can improve your business. Don’t you think so? Well, this blog justifies it quite well. A mobile app can provide the websites with the competitive advantage to engage the users in a more personalized and interactive way. Getting a mobile app has always been a costly and time taking process. If you compare an OpenCart site with a mobile app, getting a mobile app was a much tougher and costlier task than developing an OpenCart website.

With the Opencart Mobile App Builder by Knowband, you can have a fully functional and customizable app that takes your eCommerce business to a wider audience. In addition, an Opencart Android app or Opencart iOS app is available by Knowband. Know its benefits before having it for your eCommerce business.

Perks of having the Opencart mobile app builder

1. Configurable Home Screen design

With this app creator module, it is less dreary with its simplified features to change the home screen of your OpenCart Mobile App.

2. No requirement for Coding

There is no essential information needed to set up new databases or experience a very long time of coding when this Opencart eCommerce mobile app is in use. The OpenCart Mobile App uses a similar database as that of your OpenCart website.

3. Convenience device highlights

Your Opencart mobile app creator can use the gadget’s neighborhood features like a speaker, camera, and remarkable finger scanner for product search, user verifications, and logins. As a result, these help in providing a real-time feeling with the eCommerce mobile app.

4. User-friendly app

The tab bar, navigation menu, and any remaining highlights in an app are made to work following the features and size of the cell phones/tablets. Therefore, your OpenCart Mobile App Builder remains more supportive and user-friendly for customers.

5. Smartphone and Tablets Compatibility

These shopping apps course totally on cell phones and tablets while being viable.

6. Compatibility with iOS and Android

To be available to a wide scope of customers, a shopping app must be utilitarian for Android and iOS. The Opencart mobile app maker is feasible with both Android and iOS gadgets.

7. Push notifications

The store admin can send boundless Push Notifications to the app users with the OpenCart Mobile App Builder. Making the push notifications, while ‘arranging’ the app producer module, two or three minutes. Push Notifications have been found to help the sales and conversion rates on multiple occasions when appeared differently in relation to web notifications and email campaigns.

8. Multiple payments and shipping support

To consider overall customers in a tweaked way, the Opencart eCommerce mobile app extension supports multiple languages and payment-related forms. RTL format is there for Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, etc, and similar languages that follow the right to left example.

9. Real-time synchronization

All the information on the OpenCart Mobile App stays synchronized constantly with its online web store. Subsequently, the inventory management is totally customized here.

10. Social login

Smoothed out and quick logins/signups using Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms, license hassle-free login keeping the user experience at standard.

11. Live chat support

To get the solutions to any kind of problems regarding the store or the products, the customers can easily connect with store admin utilizing WhatsApp/Zopim.

12. Layered navigation – Filters and Sorting

The Opencart mobile app maker allows the app users to channel what they will purchase. This part gives an improved user experience and diminishes the time a user takes to make a purchase.

13. One page checkout

One-page checkouts are really useful and help the users complete their buying process when contrasted with the multiple-page checkouts. The Opencart Android app builder highlights single-page checkout for diminished bounce rate or cart abandoned rate.

Along with mobile apps, the store owners can even offer a simplified checkout on the website as well. The handy OpenCart One Page Checkout eases the transaction process by reducing the checkout steps. Having a quick checkout on the eCommerce website will easily reduce the cart abandonment rate and boost conversions. This is the easiest way to get more revenue who are struggling with sales.

14. In-app order tracking

Keeping up straightforwardness with the users is an outright need have for businesses these days. The order tacking segment in your Opencart eCommerce mobile app extension would allow your customers to take a look at the past orders as well as the active ones.

15. White label app

It is a white label game plan ensuring that the apps worked with this module is specially branded to each business. In like manner that any progressions are to be made in the App as demonstrated by express business needs, by then it will, in general, be handily integrated.


With these surprising highlights, for what reason would you need to remain alright with just a website? Having a mobile app that does something amazing for you is what is the issue here. You should know that building an app with the Opencart eCommerce mobile app extension isn’t difficult. In fact, you can simply accomplish that in a few steps.

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