Building Up eCommerce Mobile App Is Possible With OpenCart Mobile App Builder

Whether you sell clothing, grocery, or jewelry on an eCommerce store, you have many competitors out there. The ideology you should live by is how to outrank your competitors. And to do that, you should think of reaching your audience. So Congratulations! This is the end of your search KnowBand’s OpenCart Mobile App Builder doesn’t just give you a world-class app but 24×7 support that will get you going in no time.

Opencart is one of the largest platforms that cater to many online sellers. It is an online platform that allows its users to set up an online store to sell goods. It lets you organize, sell goods and accept payments for the same in a simplified manner. Opencart store opens your business up to a world of possibilities. And if you are reading this article there is a great chance that you have an open cart store up and running and would like to covert that store into a mobile app.

Prominent Features of OpenCart Mobile App Builder:

Following are some of the major features you’ll get in your OpenCart Mobile Apps:

–> Customizable Home Screen Layout (Complete Flexibility)

–> Store Branding

–> Zopim & WhatsApp Chat Support (24*7)

–> Google & Facebook Login

–> OTP & Fingerprint Login

–> Both Tablet & Mobile Support

–> Android 4.2 to Latest Version Support

–> iOS 9 to iOS 11 Support

–> Automatic Inventory Update

–> Multiple Color & Font Choices….and many more.

Build OpenCart Mobile App in 3 Simple Steps

It’s time to build your mobile apps. The process to develop mobile apps with OpenCart Mobile App Builder is only a matter of these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase & Install Module on your website.

Download zipped OpenCart Mobile App Builder & install the same on your store using your store FTP details.

Step 2: Share your App Specifications

Share your App details/requirements with us through our pre-requisites form.

Step 3: Get Your Android & iOS Apps in 1-2 days

Our skilled & professional developers would get back to you with your apps in just 1-2 days.

Note: You can publish these APK/IPA files on respective app stores or our developers can handle it for you.

Check our demo apps from:

–> Apple App Store

–> Google Play Store

Top-Notch Features Of OpenCart Mobile Applications:

1. Brand Awareness-

Brand awareness is an important part of every eCommerce business. It is a great way to establish brand identity in the customer’s mind. The OpenCart Mobile App allows the store admin to launch the white label app in their own brand name. The store Admin can include its brand name, app logo, icon, image splash screen, etc. in the mobile app 

2. Home Screen Layout-

The store admin can include multiple layouts in the eCommerce app.  This way the store admin can change the whole look and feel of the shopping app. The several customization options in OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App allow the eCommerce merchant to perform even if he is not aware of the coding technicality.

3. Intuitive Colors And Fonts –

In order to change the user interface of the android and iOS app. The Store Admin can perform some changes such as including the intuitive color and fonts in the OpenCart Mobile App Builder. All the changes done by the store admin will be visible on the live  mobile app

4.  Easy User Login-

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker consists of a social login and Email login feature that gives ease to the customers to log in to the mobile app with one click. The social login option can include the options like Google and Facebook and the Store Admin can also enhance the security of the eCommerce app by including the options like Fingerprint and OTP Options. These options can also ease the user from filling in their login details again and again.

5. Multiple product support–

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator has the feature to support all kinds of product categories such as grouped, bundled, single, etc. This gives the authority to the eCommerce merchant to show the product variety to the customer in the eCommerce application. There is also an inbuilt function of voice search in the Android App.

6. Multiple Language support-

The Store Admin has to deal with multiple languages when he has to target different countries. This option acts as a barrier when it comes to the sales growth of the eCommerce store. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator supports all the languages and most requested languages like RTL available on the eCommerce website. All the currencies are also supported in the Shopping app that is available on the eCommerce website.

7. Multiple Payment And Shipping Support-

Most of the time users do not find their favorable shipping and payment option in the mobile apps. To eliminate the problem the Mobile App for OpenCart comes with the support of all the shipping and payment options available in the eCommerce store. Now the users can perform the payment by just choosing their desired payment and shipping options.

8. Single Page Checkout-

Filling unnecessary information might be very hurtful when it comes to sales conversion. The reason behind this is that the user gets a feeling of irritation when he has to fill in unnecessary information during the checkout phase.  So in order to prevent this, the OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder comes up with a single-page checkout facility that asks only important information which needs to be filled. This makes the transaction a smooth process.

9. Automatic Inventory Update-

It is a time taking process to do the changes from two separate places which requires a lot of time and effort from the Store Admin. The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder consists of automatic inventory update options that synchronize the eCommerce store data with the Android and iOS app. All the data related to product inventory, prices, status, etc. will get updated in the Android app and iOS app even if the app was live.

10. Push Notifications-

The push notification option in OpenCart Android App Builder is a great tool for marketing. The automated notification is sent to the customer’s mobile even if his screen is locked. The notification can be sent manually or automatically to the customer’s mobile. The push notification is of order update, the order creation, status update, and abandoned cart update. 

11. Offline Mode Working –

The OpenCart iOS App Maker allows the user to fetch the mobile app even if they don’t have an internet connection. The eCommerce app stores the pre-cached version of the preloaded screen and shows it to the users if they have internet disconnection. The user can add the product to the cart and wishlist if they have an internet connection error.

12. Customer Service-

The lack of physical connection can lead to customer dissatisfaction when they have queries about a particular product. The OpenCart Mobile App consists of the customer service support feature that includes Zopim or WhatsApp chat feature. The store admin can connect to the customer and resolve their queries and issues 24×7.

Conclusion –

Now after reading all the above features you get to know that building up the eCommerce mobile app is very easy and effective for your eCommerce business. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App consists of all the variety of features in any mobile app if your target is to enhance your reach and sales considering top-level customer service and customer satisfaction. You can contact us for more details at [email protected]


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