Advantages OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder provide for eCommerce

One of the most effective platforms for developing online stores is OpenCart. For online retailers, it offers a variety of cutting-edge features. Numerous add-ons are available from the OpenCart marketplace to improve the functionality of the e-commerce website. The use of mobile devices among customers has undergone a significant change. Consequently, a mobile app is needed for the e-commerce website to satisfy the expectations of contemporary buyers. Mobile apps have witnessed a massive increase as more and more individuals use their smartphones for every single job.

PWA Mobile App builder is a new functionality that has been added to the OpenCart platform. For websites that sell products online, the PWA is used to create mobile apps for OpenCart eCommerce. Simply put, Progressive Web Apps direct consumers to the website while utilizing the advantages of a successful mobile platform. The Ecommerce website can benefit greatly from building PWA. If you have an online store, the PWA module makes it simple to turn your website into a mobile application.

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder Features

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is an easy-to-use tool with an intuitive backend and a personalized front end. For the installation of this extension on their e-commerce website, store owners need only hire OpenCart developers. They set it up using the backend editor and publish the PWA App to their mobile website. A popup at the bottom of the screen prompts users to your mobile website to “Add To Home Screen.” This causes the OpenCart PWA App to be automatically installed on the customer’s phone.

What functions can the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder perform?

What functions can the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder perform?

1. Dynamic and Flexible Home Screen

The shop administrator may quickly handle the Home-Page editor with the help of this functionality. The administrator can add items to the page as they see fit without having to spend hours coding. Banners, sliders, and featured products with appealing redirect links to several product pages and categories are some of the elements. Additionally, the store administrator can create various home-page layouts and enable the one they want at any time.

2. A product listing that is compatible with multiple devices

Admin has the power to designate their products as “new arrivals,” “best-sellers,” and “special offers” on the website. For user engagement, they can also employ them on the website’s home page’s sliders and banners. Because PWAs are developed using HTML, CSS, and Javascript technologies, they work with all mobile devices. It works with the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Your single OpenCart¬† PWA App would therefore address each of the audiences. In contrast to native apps, this makes it simple and economical for the OpenCart development team to create and release a PWA app for many operating systems.

3. Quicker Time-to-Market

PWA Apps can reach their intended audience without being distributed across several mobile app marketplaces. As a result, they are cheaper and take less time to market. You can quickly download your PWA Mobile App from the OpenCart website. This enhances the creativity of your website and allows you to incorporate user-friendly features into your PWA Mobile App. By doing this, the expense of obtaining permission from an independent app store or play store is eliminated.

4. Push Notifications

Knowband-PWA's -Push-Notifications

Users of the OpenCart PWA app can get Push Notifications from store owners. The store administrator can easily automate & schedule the notifications for “Successful Orders,” “Order Status,” and “Cart Abandonment” from the backend. In addition to those, the admin can create any type of notification by providing the title, message, CTA, and redirect URL.

5. Compact PWA App

Since Progressive Web Apps tend to be lightweight, they use less memory than standard Native Mobile Apps. As a result, your OpenCart Mobile App would run faster than a typical mobile app and take up less space on users’ smartphones. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App loads substantially faster thanks to its lightweight design. Because it provides a better user experience and increases engagement, a responsive app draws in more people.


6. Support for Many languages and currencies

When purchasing purchases online, language is typically a problem for customers. However, PWA Mobile App Builder can assist your e-commerce app in supporting many foreign languages & currencies with the help of an OpenCart Development Company. This enables vendors in English-speaking nations to provide individualized service to both their domestic and global clientele. Depending on their needs and those of their customers, retailers can also add other languages and currencies to their OpenCart PWA Mobile App.


Consider transforming your online store into a PWA. Well, a trustworthy OpenCart developer can carry out this task to expand your online organization. Additionally, the user experience is enhanced while significant time and money are saved during the app development process. We have created sophisticated OpenCart extensions and themes to guarantee the seamless functionality of the business. Building world-class websites on the reliable OpenCart platform is our goal. In addition to OpenCart platform, we have PWA mobile app for other platforms like PrestaShop, WooCommerce and Magento 2 too. To know further about the work and other features, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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