A Sneak Peek into OpenCart Marketplace Module

Why not start a business which can help you make money while you are asleep. Yeah, you heard it right! A marketplace can help you earn passive income with hardly any efforts. You can start a marketplace on any of the eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, etc. Or if you are already having an OpenCart website then turning it into a Marketplace is easy-peasy.

An OpenCart marketplace module can convert your website into a functional multi-vendor marketplace with all the necessary functionalities. This article will be a brief dive into the features and benefits of OpenCart Marketplace and how you can integrate it into your website. But, before jumping into it I would like to grab your attention to the benefits the admin will have. Why do sellers prefer selling on a multi-seller marketplace? And what compels the customers to buy from a marketplace? Let us begin!

Admin Benefits of OpenCart Marketplace:


It is easy to handle the OpenCart marketplace extension which is integrated with several functionalities. Some of the major benefits for a store owner are easy commission management, tracking the seller transactions, order handling, seller approval to maintain good seller ratings, and a lot more.

1. Easy commission management

The OpenCart Marketplace extension allows admin to charge commission in multiple ways. The store owner of OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace can set global commission, charge different to individual sellers, and also he can set variable commission on products and categories as per the requirements.

2. Tracking the seller transactions

Admin can see all the seller-customer transactions from the backend of the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace module. He can see the seller’s earnings on every purchase and the commission details for every order.

3. Order handling, Product Approval, Rating, and Review approvals

The multi-seller marketplace owner of the OpenCart store is allowed to see the orders from the backend. After the seller registration approval, the admin can allow categories to the seller, approve the products added, and also have all the authority to check the product and seller rating before publishing them on the store.

Why do sellers like to sell on a Marketplace?

A marketplace is a platform for many brick-and-mortar stores to sell their products online and reach as many customers as they can. A physical store has less foot traffic but selling on a multi-seller marketplace can increase the visitors beyond imagination.

1. Front end seller management

The seller can register and operate the seller account from the front end of the OpnCart Marketplace website. It has a configurable front-end seller dashboard. The seller can manage orders, inventory, upload bulk products, and handle return and refund, all from the seller dashboard.

2. Established Market: No need to create demand

Attract sellers on your marketplace by telling them the success stories with elucidating the benefits. An established marketplace does not extra marketing efforts from individual sellers. OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace allows the seller to add social media handles on the seller dashboard to create brand awareness on social media platforms.

3. Sell on the day you register

If the admin approves the seller request then the vendor can start selling on the very same day of registration. They do not have to wait for a long time.

4. Existing customer support

The OpenCart marketplace module has a customer-seller support system. Customers can raise a ticket for any queries and questions directly to the seller.

5. Buyers pay with trust

A marketplace looks like a trusted place to buy from. Customers do not feel intimidated while buying from a marketplace as it has social proofs like seller ratings, product reviews, and much more.

There are many more seller benefits of the OpenCart Marketplace which you need to tell sellers to attract more of them.

Let’s see why customers like to purchase from a marketplace?

Imagine yourself as a customer, what all will you expect from a store? Hassle-free transactions, trusted sellers, product reviews, a customer support system, and of course personalized customer experience.

OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension turns your store into a full-fledged functional, user-friendly marketplace that will improve conversions and customer retention.

1. Several choices at a cheap price

Competency reduces the price and customers get the advantage as it leaves them with great deals. A marketplace has many sellers who have the same products from various brands and this gives the customer a wide range from to select a product from.

2. Easy Return and Refund

OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension has a curated seller dashboard that allows the seller to manage the returns and refunds from the seller’s end. Customers can ask for a return and refund easily from the front interface of the marketplace.

3. Leveraged with social proofs

Feedbacks and reviews are a very important part of online purchases because shoppers prefer to read reviews before spending their money on a new product. OpenCart Marketplace module allows customers to leave a customer review for both product and the seller.

As there are various types of customers and it is important to treat individual customers uniquely to satisfy them.

Final Words:

The Marketplace demands powerful marketing strategies and this can be achieved in many ways like blogging, running ad campaigns, offering discounts, etc. OpenCart multi-seller marketplace extension gives you all the required features and functionalities and it can be installed in a few simple steps. To know more about the functionalities you can refer to the user manual.
The Marketplace module is also available for Magento and PrestaShop platforms.


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