Why to Use Opencart Private Shop Extension?

The Opencart Private Shop plugin is one of the simplest and most effective methods to engage website visitors online. Users log in and view specific items, pages, and categories on the store with the help of the Opencart Private shop extension. Invites to create an account on the website are sent in a variety of methods. Using this plugin to modify the online store allows the business owner to design a unique, personalized webstore. Only some portion of the website is made available to the client by store owners using Opencart Private Shop.

Many online shops now demand account registration before allowing customers to view the website or make any purchases. To secure a website and protect it from unauthorized visitors, the sites make use of the Opencart private shop plugin. As a result, numerous software providers provide login security. For this, Knowband’s Opencart Private shop extension is used. The bulk of them appears to merely employ the website’s login security.

opencart private shop extension by knowband logo

The store owner determines the level of online access and security. Using Knowband’s Opencart Private Shop, this is accomplished. The store administrator selects certain parts of the store and IPs for allowing access rather than locking the entire storefront.

The Opencart Private Shop Extension’s primary features are as follows:

Restricted access for customers:

The Opencart Private Shop module is used to make the website’s online store partially or fully private.

Benefits of joining:

Customers who have registered on the site rapidly browse the content of the Private Shop with this plugin’s feature.

Admin interface:

This Opencart Private Shop extension offers extensive admin interface customization options in addition to a number of useful functionalities.

Opencart private shop extension by knowband admin setting


Using the admin interface, the store owner changes how the login and registration forms look.

Login/signup form:

With this Private Shop module, the administrator is able to choose the placement of login/signup form on the website page.

Login/signup page title:

The owner of the webstore selects the title of the login/signup page with this plugin in a number of languages.

Logo for login and signup:

Using Opencart Private Shop, the admin controls whether or not the logo is displayed above the login and signup.

Online buyer registration in front-store:

The admin user controls whether the option to register online in front-store is visible or concealed. Using a function of the Opencart Private Shop extension, this is controlled.

Store administration:

The store administrator has the ability to confirm the new account either manually or automatically.

Personalized CSS and JS:

The Opencart private shop extension permits the usage of unique CSS and JS code for even more customizability.

Why to Use Opencart Private Shop Extension?

Access with IP:

The site’s main page is accessed by a certain range of IP addresses using the features of this plugin.

Designating some features as private:

The store administrator designates certain goods, categories, and pages as private by utilizing the Opencart module for the Private Shop.

Monitoring of customers:

Using the module, the store owner is able to go over and keep track of the private customer data.

Support for various languages and responsiveness on mobile devices:

The Opencart Private shop extension supports multiple languages. It is responsive on mobile devices, making it appropriate for stores that sell products in different languages.

Support for multiple stores and SSL compatibility:

The Opencart Private shop extension offers support for multiple stores and SSL compatibility.

Why to Use Opencart Private Shop Extension?

Advantages of using the Opencart Private Shop Extension for store owners

  1. Store owners force customers to sign up or log in by using the Opencart Private Shop plugin.
  2. The admin rapidly approves a customer’s registration utilizing the Private shop plugin with either automated or manual approval.
  3. The frontend for the new user registration form is shown or hidden at any time by the admin of store.
  4. Through the Opencart Private shop extension, store admin sets up Google Crawl for the private pages of online store. When a website’s owner authorizes Google to index it, it will show up in search results.
  5. Using this Opencart Private Shop Extension, the website administrator swiftly imposes restrictions on specific pages, products, or categories. Moreover, the administrator is able to modify the login/signup page’s appearance as necessary.

The following properties of this extension are beneficial to online shoppers:

  1. Users who have checked in or registered on the website easily and quickly access the restricted products and sites.
  2. Tablets and mobile phones are supported by Opencart Private shop extension. This extensions layout is mobile-responsive, allowing customers to access the store.
  3. Opencart private shop’s front user interface is straightforward and appealing. This helps in providing customers with a wonderful purchasing experience.

Please email [email protected] if you need to make any special modifications to the module to suit your business needs. If you have any questions regarding this addon, kindly contact us.


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