What is the OpenCart Back in Stock Extension?

The most straightforward answer to this question is the name itself. The OpenCart back in stock extension is a notification tool. Further, it allows the admin to send product availability mails to the subscribers. In fact, it also permits him to send low-stock emails to them. Thus, the Opencart back in stock notification extension is a functional option for your eCommerce store.

What is the OpenCart Back in Stock Extension?

In this blog, we will discuss the entirety of the Opencart product stock notification module. Moreover, we will look at why Knowband is the best place for you to buy the plugin. Further, let us take a look at the blog now.

What to know about the back in stock notification extension for OpenCart by Knowband?

What is the OpenCart Back in Stock Extension?

The OpenCart stock alert is a functional and easy tool

The OpenCart Extension by Knowband is an extremely easy option for the admin to handle. In fact, he can effortlessly install the plugin in the store. Moreover, configuring the module is a piece of cake too. Furthermore, the OpenCart back in stock extension easily does the work of helping the admin send notification emails to subscribers of the store.

Low stock emails are a part of the Opencart back in stock extension

What is the OpenCart Back in Stock Extension?

At the beginning itself, we had mentioned the purpose of the plugin. In fact, the OpenCart stock alert extension is also a functional tool for another purpose. Furthermore, when a product is back in stock and is running high on demand, the admin can choose to notify the subscribers. What? That the product is selling out really fast and the inventory is low. Thus, it might go out of stock again. Further, they can come back and buy the same before it becomes unavailable again.

The customer can view and edit their subscriber list

The Opencart product stock notification module by Knowband allows the customers to view their list. Further, they can even edit the list of subscribed products. Therefore, they can add more products to the list. Moreover, delete the products that they no longer wish to be notified of.

What is the OpenCart Back in Stock Extension?

Bulk downloading of the subscriber lists

The admin can simply download all the subscriber lists in the backend. Further, he can do that for viewing the same. Moreover, he can do that using the CSV feature of the OpenCart Back in Stock Extension.


In the End

So, what do you think of the OpenCart Back in Stock Extension by Knowband? Would you like to invest in the module? In case you want to know more about the back in stock notification extension for OpenCart, check out the Knowband site. You can even let us know your doubts at [email protected] Knowband offers the best deals to make buying easier for you.


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