Gift Your Customers a Seamless Shopping Experience with OpenCart One Page Checkout extension

Web-based shopping or what we also call online shopping is a mode of brisk online buying for shoppers though it is similarly a difficult undertaking for different online stores as individuals are getting fretful every day. They are not ready to put shortly on the checkout cycle and regularly leave a site if it poses an excessive number of inquiries and conventions while making an online purchase.

This has become a typical marvel for different eCommerce stores and has been projecting shadows on their change rates and odds of development in the current circumstances. These confounded checkout conventions on any online store have certainly rung the alerts for different eCommerce stores and they are searching for potential answers for this far-reaching danger.

Aside from expanding the shopping cart abandonment on your site, it can likewise influence the reputation and brand image of your site among your audience.

To evade the extreme results of the present circumstance, it is at long last an ideal opportunity to introduce this magnificent OpenCart One Page Checkout extension from the Knowband store that can guarantee you a seamless and hassle-free checkout experience. On the off chance that you need to know how it can change the online shopping experience for your customers, you need to investigate the different highlights and functionalities of this extension.

Major Highlights of the OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension:

# Offers simple design for checkout page creation 

The OpenCart One Step Checkout extension from the Knowband store comprises a simple customization feature that makes planning checkout stages a lot simpler than at any other time. The store administrator can choose any plan format, for example, 1 segment, 2 segments, or 3 segment design for planning a streamlined and speedy checkout structure for their customers.

This basic checkout structure will guarantee higher conversions and sales on your eCommerce store. You can read this blog that talks about how the OpenCart One Step Checkout extension helps in increasing sales here.

# Incorporates social media login feature 

Visitors on eCommerce sites are not ready to enlist superfluously for making an online buy and hence the presence of social media login feature goes about as a viable answer for the above issue. Knowband’s OpenCart Fast Checkout extension offers social login features through platforms like Facebook, Google+, and others for a consistent record login feature to customers. It won’t just assist in boosting the conversion rates and sales for your online store yet will upgrade the brand image of your online store.

Because of the presence of various highlights and functionalities, it has gotten quite possibly the most well known OpenCart One Page Checkout extensions that are essentially a major lift for conversions and sales of your online store. 

# Works perfectly with different devices

With the spread of various devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and others, it gets important to spread your business to different customers. This is presently really conceivable with the presence of this OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension from the Knowband which is based on a responsive website composition that makes it viable with different gadgets. 

# Consistent choice to add HTML content 

This OpenCart Simplified Checkout module is a stunning extension that makes it a consistent assignment to incorporate any pictures, text, or link on an ideal area of the checkout page. 


It was long back when the tricky and exhaustive online shopping experience with the development of this OpenCart One Page Supercheckout by Knowband. It comprises a multitude of features and is an absolutely compatible and responsive addon. With the tons of features that this OpenCart module has, you can take your eCommerce store to a whole new level.

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