How to boost sales of eCommerce business with One Page Checkout addon?

When it comes to sales, every e-merchant wants more but they do not pay attention to optimizing the shopping experience of the customers. Nowadays, providing a smooth, easy, and fast shopping experience is a basic need to run a successful online business. If the shopping path on your eCommerce website is complex then there are high chances of the customers leaving your website.

According to research, most of the carts get abandoned on the checkout page because of its complex, time-consuming, and slow-loading nature. If you really want to capture more sales and improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce store, then you must optimize your checkout process.

Knowband offers One Page Checkout addon which replaces the complex and time-consuming default checkout page with an attractive, clean, and fast One Page Checkout. Unlike multi-page checkout, it doesn’t require the customers to load multiple pages to complete the checkout process, but One Page Checkout addon displays the whole checkout on a single page so that the buyers can easily and quickly fill all the required details.

By making the checkout process easy and fast, the One Page Checkout module minimizes the chances of cart abandonment and improves the conversion rate of your online business. If you are also facing cart abandonment and low sales issues on your website then One Page Checkout addon is the perfect solution for you.

Check out the module from the below links:

Prestashop One Page Checkout module

OpenCart One Page Checkout extension

Magento One Page Checkout extension

Magento 2 One Page Checkout extension

Key factors of One Page Checkout addon

1. Faster Checkout:

If the customer has come to the checkout page then he is seriously interested in buying the product. By making the checkout process easier and faster, the chances of him leaving the website are very less. The Quick Checkout addon by Knowband makes the checkout process smoother and faster by summarizing the whole checkout process on a single page. The buyers can easily fill all the required checkout details from one page and can complete the order within no time.

2. Saves Customers’ Time:

As the whole checkout process in on a single page, the Fast Checkout addon saves the time of the customers as they don’t need to load multiple pages to complete the checkout process. They can easily complete the process from a single page.

3. Guest Checkout:

Many online shoppers do not like to share their details by creating a new account on a new eCommerce website and as a result, they leave the website without completing their purchase. With the One Page Supercheckout addon by Knowband, you can allow your customers to place their orders as guests without creating an account. Offering guest checkout can reduce the chances of abandoned carts and helps in improving the conversion rate.

4. Social Login options:

Social Login has gained huge popularity among online shoppers as the buyers don’t have to create new accounts on different eCommerce websites, they can easily login with their social media accounts in very less time. The One Step Checkout Addon by Knowband offers your customers login with Facebook and Google accounts from the checkout page so that they can log in and place their orders comfortably.

5. Auto-Address Fill:

Google Auto-address is another factor of the addon which helps in improving your conversion rate. With this feature, the addon helps the customers to fill their address details more conveniently. The One Page Checkout addon by Knowband displays address suggestions as soon as the buyers start typing their address details. By clicking on the suggestion, the address is filled automatically. With this feature, the checkout page takes less time to fill the details and the customers complete their orders faster. As for now, this feature is available for PrestaShop and OpenCart platforms.

These are the key factors that prove that the One Page Checkout is a must-have addon for every eCommerce website to improve the conversion rate and boost the sales.

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