The Art of Pre-Selling: Knowband OpenCart Pre-Order Plugin Best Practices!!

Pre-selling products can be a game-changer for your OpenCart store. Selling out-of-stock products or before product launch is an art that can significantly boost your eCommerce business. Furthermore, it allows you to generate buzz, gauge demand, and secure sales even before the product is officially launched or back in stock. In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of pre-selling and reveal the best practices for leveraging the Knowband OpenCart Pre-Order Plugin. Whether you want to implement a pre-order system, product advance booking, or handle backorders effectively. This plugin has got you covered.


Understanding the Knowband OpenCart Pre-Order Plugin:

Knowband OpenCart Pre-Order Plugin


The Knowband OpenCart Pre-Order Extension is designed to offer seamless pre-order capabilities for your store. With features like product advance booking, handling backorders, and selling out-of-stock products. This plugin empowers you to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your revenue streams.

One of the key aspects of OpenCart Product Advance Booking Extension, which enables customers to place orders for products that are yet to be released or are temporarily out of stock. By implementing this functionality, you can create a sense of anticipation among your customers and secure sales well in advance. Additionally, the OpenCart Product Advance Booking Module allows customers to reserve products and pay partially or in full. Ensuring a smooth and streamlined pre-order experience.


Best Practices for Utilizing the OpenCart Pre-Order Plugin:

Create Irresistible Pre-Order Offers:

To successfully engage customers in pre-orders, it’s crucial to entice them with exclusive deals and incentives. Utilize the plugin’s pre-order features to offer limited-time discounts, special editions, or bundled products that are only available for pre-order. Craft compelling product descriptions and showcase attractive visuals to capture your customers’ attention and drive pre-order conversions.


Keep Customers Informed:

Transparency is paramount when implementing pre-orders. Communicate the estimated release or restocking date of pre-ordered products to manage customer expectations effectively. Moreover, OpenCart Pre-Order Plugin allows you to display availability dates prominently on product pages. Ensuring customers are well-informed before making a purchase.


Utilize Pre-Order Widgets:

Utilize Pre-Order Widgets - Knowband


Make the most of the plugin’s pre-order widgets to highlight upcoming products or backorder options. Place these eye-catching widgets strategically on the homepage or category pages. To generate interest and encourage customers to place pre-orders. These widgets can act as effective calls to action, nudging visitors to reserve products in advance.


Offer Pre-Order Incentives:

Reward customers who place pre-orders with additional perks to boost conversion rates. Consider offering benefits such as free shipping, gift vouchers, or exclusive access to related products. The Knowband OpenCart sell-out-of-stock products Plugin allows you to set up custom incentives effortlessly. Making it easier to attract more pre-orders.


Monitor Pre-Order Demand:

Gathering data and insights on pre-order sales is essential for planning your inventory and marketing strategies effectively. The plugin’s reporting and analytics features enable you to track pre-order demand. Identify trending products, and forecast future sales patterns. Armed with this data, you can make informed decisions to optimize your product offerings and marketing efforts.


Streamline Backorders Management:

In addition to pre-orders, the Knowband OpenCart Product Advance Booking Extension also excels at handling backorders. When products are temporarily out of stock, enable customers to place backorders with ease. This feature ensures a seamless shopping experience and minimizes the risk of losing potential sales.



Embracing the art of pre-selling with the Knowband OpenCart Pre-Order Plugin can revolutionize the way you do business. From offering bookings and managing backorders to driving customer engagement. This powerful extension equips your store with the tools needed to succeed in today’s competitive market. Implement the best practices shared in this blog to unlock the full potential of pre-orders and take your OpenCart store to new heights.


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