OpenCart Pre-order Extension: An Important Asset for Your Online Business

In the Ecommerce business staying ahead of the competition is crucial for the success of online business. Further, one strategy that has gained significant momentum in recent years is offering pre-orders for products. This allows customers to reserve products before they are officially released or restocked, creating anticipation and excitement around the launch. Additionally, to enable this feature on an OpenCart store, businesses can use the power of OpenCart Pre-order Extensions


Understanding the OpenCart Pre-order Module

An Opencart Product Advance Booking Plugin is a powerful tool that empowers online store owners to accept orders for products that are out of stock. Moreover, it provides an efficient way to handle pre-orders and bookings, allowing businesses to generate revenue even before the products are physically ready for shipment.

The primary purpose of an OpenCart Product Advance Booking is to enhance the customer experience by enabling them to secure their desired products in advance. Further, it reduces the risk of missing out on popular items. Additionally, it can be particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with limited edition products, high-demand items, or pre-release products.

 Features of OpenCart Pre-order Extensions by Knowband


Key Features of OpenCart Pre-order Extensions

Product Availability Control: 

With the pre-order extension, store owners can set specific dates for pre-orders and define the duration during which customers can place bookings. This level of control allows businesses to effectively manage inventory and meet customer expectations.

Customizable Pre-order Messages: 

Pre-order extensions often come with customizable messages, which businesses can use to inform customers about the estimated release dates. They can also inform customers of the expected delivery times, and any other relevant information.

Partial or Full Payment Options: 

Depending on the business model, store owners can choose to accept full or partial payments during the pre-order phase. Further, this flexibility can significantly impact conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Email Notifications: 

The OpenCart Advance Order Plugin can be configured to send automatic email notifications to customers. Further, these emails are regarding the status of their pre-orders, from the initial booking to the actual shipment.

Compatibility with Product Variants: 

Advanced pre-order extensions can seamlessly integrate with product variants, allowing customers to pre-order specific configurations or options.

Stock Management: 

The extension keeps track of pre-ordered items separately, making it easier for businesses to manage inventory and avoid overselling.

 Benefits of OpenCart Pre-order Extensions for Businesses


Benefits of OpenCart Pre-order Extensions for Businesses

Revenue Generation: 

One of the most significant advantages of using an OpenCart Pre-order Extension is the ability to generate revenue before the official release of products. Also, this can be especially beneficial for businesses that invest heavily in product development and marketing.

Customer Engagement and Anticipation: 

Pre-orders create a sense of anticipation and exclusivity among customers. This encourages them to engage more actively with the brand and its upcoming offerings.

Reduced Inventory Risk: 

By accepting pre-orders, businesses can gauge the demand for a particular product before mass production. Therefore, it minimizes the risk of overstocking or carrying unsold inventory.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: 

Allowing customers to pre-order in-demand items ensures that they don’t miss out on their desired products. Moreover, it results in increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights: 

OpenCart backorder Plugin data provides valuable insights into customer preferences and demand patterns. Further, this helps businesses make informed decisions about future product launches and marketing strategies.




In online businesses staying ahead requires innovative strategies that cater to customer demands while reducing inventory risks. Henceforth, OpenCart Pre-order offers a valuable solution for e-commerce store owners to accept pre-orders and bookings for their products. Additionally, by enabling pre-orders, businesses can generate revenue, build anticipation, and enhance customer satisfaction. Also, the ability to manage product availability, customize pre-order messages, and control payment options makes these extensions indispensable tools for any online business.

Having the power of the OpenCart Sell Out-of-Stock Products Plugin can be the key to unlocking greater success. This can turn your online store into a customer-focused and revenue-generating powerhouse. Further, in case you are interested in our plugins and services connect with us at [email protected] for our assistance.



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