Abstain Spam Bots From Harming Your Website With OpenCart Google reCaptcha

Have you been facing the issue where the spambots are killing your website and its worth? Spambots can be fatal for a website, its content, its worth, and a lot more. Have you done anything about it till now? It is finally the time when you can block the entry of any spam links, registrations, comments, and messages to your website with the help of the OpenCart Google ReCaptcha by Knowband. The OpenCart extension is designed in a way that it can differentiate between humans and spambots that come to the website.

For a layperson, it looks like an easy thing to just click on the reCaptcha box displayed on the web-page, but in actuality, it is easy for the humans but impossible for the bots to get past the respective security check. 

Still, wondering what the OpenCart human verification plugin does for your website? Find the features of the OpenCart plugin and the benefits for the store owners to have a clearer picture.

Benefits of the OpenCart Google ReCaptcha for the Admin:

1. Easy installation and configure: 

The OpenCart store admin can easily customize the OpenCart extension according to the needs of the website.

2. Safety from the spambots: 

The OpenCart human verification extension is designed to know whether a human entity has approached the website or a spambot. Hence, it gives an easy passage to the humans whereas; abstains the bots to go any further.

3. Protection from spam registrations: 

All the spam registrations coming to the website are blocked by the OpenCart extension.

4. Protection from spam messages: 

The spam messages are also blocked by the OpenCart Google ReCaptcha plugin.

5. Protection from spam comments: 

The spam comments are also blocked by the OpenCart extension.

6. Admin can choose the pages to display the OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension: 

The OpenCart store admin has the freedom to choose from the four-page options – Customer Login Page, Customer Registration Page, Customer Contact Page, Checkout Page, and Customer Forgotten Password Page to display the Google reCaptcha.

7. The extension stops automatic form filling: 

The Opencart Google reCaptcha extension stops bots from automatically filling the form and accessing services from the site.

8. Admin can choose the number of trials before reCaptcha is displayed: 

The admin also has the option to customize the number of trials before which the Google reCaptcha will be displayed on the page.

9. Step by Step instructions to get Site key and Secret Key: 

The user manual of the model provides step by step guide to get the Site Key and Secret Key of the extension.

The Remarkable Features of the OpenCart Google ReCaptcha plugin:

1. Improves website security: 

The extension by Knowband raises the bar of security of your website. The extension ensures that the entity coming to the website is a human or a spambot. The store admin can easily configure the extension by blocking the spam registrations, messages, comments, and more from the bots.

2. The placement of the Google ReCaptcha: 

The OpenCart store admin can choose the pages to display the OpenCart Google ReCaptcha extension. He can easily enable this feature on all or any of the following pages:

  • Login page
  • Registration page
  • Contact page
  • Forgotten password page; and 
  • Checkout page

3. SSL compatibility: 

The OpenCart extension is SSL compatible,

4. Multi-store compatible: 

The OpenCart Google reCaptcha is multi-store compatible.

5. Multi-Language compatibility:

The extension is multi-language compatible.

Know more about the extension by clicking the following links:

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