Benefits Of Opencart Google ReCaptcha you should know

Incorporate Opencart human verification to your eCommerce website to recognize and hinder spam bots going ahead with your website. With the help of this extension, store owners can undoubtedly keep up with the nature of their website content. Opencart Google reCaptcha is important for those who own an eCommerce store.

Human Verification OpenCart Extension offers an alternative to direct login so that you can stop spam messages. The module helps them from reaching your store. This extension is the ideal method to decipher between human visitors and spammers going to the website. Opencart Google reCaptcha module permits the visitor once the human confirms so that further activities perform at your store.

Google Recaptcha Opencart extension offers various other benefits.

Features of Opencart Google reCaptcha module

  1. OpenCart Google ReCaptcha Extension enhances your site security. Further, it does it by coordinating a security check framework on pages such as login, contact us, etc.
  2. Human verification Opencart extension works by checking whether the guest is human or bot.
  3. With the execution of this Opencart module, you can undoubtedly confine the reach of spambots.
  4. The admin can display the Google ReCaptcha on the 4 pages including:
  5. Customer Login Page
  6. The Registration Page
  7. Customer Contact Page
  8. The Forgotten Password page
  9. OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension is viable with SSL secured websites. This module is compatible with v2 reCaptcha and v3 reCaptcha versions.
  10. This module is multi-store and multi-lingual viable.
  11. Opencart Google Captcha Benefits Offered To OpenCart Admin
  12. As everything works on a simple click function hence store merchants don’t require to add a human verification check manually.
  13. Store merchants get complete step-by-step instructions for setting up the module. Furthermore, they get the site key and secret key from the backend of the OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension.
  14. The extension offers the store admin the flexibility for enabling or disabling the extension. He/she can do it for the selected pages at your store.
  15. Opencart Google reCaptcha module restricts bots from automatic form filling and accessing services.

Additional Features Offered By Opencart Google Captcha

  1. By incorporating the OpenCart Google ReCaptcha Extension, store admin can secure their OpenCart store from spam messages.
  2. Opencart Google Captcha works by checking if the guests visiting the site are human or not.
  3. The module helps in driving quality content to the eCommerce website.
  4. This OpenCart module is compatible with v2 and v3 reCaptcha frameworks.


Hence, the module is a must-have extension for eCommerce platforms. When it’s about trust, OpenCart Google ReCaptcha Extension is highly recommended. In addition, not only the plugin is easy to use, it is created by experienced developers. In case you want your website to be secured, this is the best option.

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