Benefits of Selling Gift Cards at Your Opencart Store

You can easily sell gift cards on your website to provide your customers with personalized alternatives like a Photo Gift Card by using KnowBand’s OpenCart Gift Card extension.

Finding the ideal present for friends or family for occasions like Christmas, the New Year, or the holiday season is never an easy decision for a shopper because there are thousands of possibilities available. Thanks to digital gift cards, the protracted hour-long present search is over.

Digital Gift Cards

Thanks to digital gift cards, it’s now simple for consumers to buy gift cards whenever they want and send them right away to their loved ones. This is the rationale behind the widespread use of gift cards by eCommerce companies. OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension by Knowband is all you need if you also want to include a gift card section on your OpenCart website. You can easily sell gift cards on your website to provide your customers with personalized alternatives like a Photo Gift Card by using KnowBand’s OpenCart Gift Card extension.

When Should I Sell Gift Cards at My Opencart Store?

The Christmas season is the ideal time to sell gift cards at the Opencart shop. The busiest time of year for eCommerce and merchants is around the holiday season. The greatest time to start selling Gift Cards on your online store is during the fourth quarter of the year when there is a lot of website traffic. There is never a bad time to sell a gift card, but there are a few situations where it is necessary. Include some of the most popular gift cards, such as birthday, congratulations, and anniversary gift cards.

Advantages of Selling Digital Gift Cards


Boost Sales in Your Store

Everybody seeking a gift card will return to your store later. Gift Cards will henceforth improve advance sales and increase revenue for your store.

Increase Brand Recognition

Along with revenue, digital gift cards aid in raising brand awareness. Additionally, when a gift card is received from a loved one, the recipient will learn about your store. Additionally, you may include the brand name and logo on the actual card as well as in the email.

Bring in New Customers

Each time a sender purchases and sends a gift card, you’ll gain new customers. The easiest approach to bringing new customers to your store during the holidays is using digital gift cards.

OpenCart Gift Card Manager Overview


  1. Distribute the gift card URL to various locations.
  2. Create gift cards with various pricing points.
  3. Enable users to customize Gift Cards by uploading images
  4. Choose a gift card delivery interval.
  5. Multiple occasion gift card templates that can be customized
  6. Access all gift cards you’ve ordered in one spot.
  7. Compatibility with many stores, GDPR, and multiple languages
  8. 3 Various ways to deliver gift cards
  • Print your own copy,
  •  send an email, or
  •  send a physical card

What Features Can We Anticipate from the Upgraded Opencart Gift Card Extension?


The revised Opencart Vouchers Plugin comes with a few unique features for an improved user experience.

  1. An extra email template is available to send online customers an email notification when they choose the “Print by yourself” option. The gift card sender will receive a copy of this email.
  2. The fixed amount to drop-down can be shown on the website’s front-end interface. Additionally, online customers can choose the value of the gift card, and the business administrator can split the values using commas.
  3. Online retailers can effectively establish the minimum and maximum gift card value through the admin interface. Additionally, customers must choose a gift card value between the maximum and minimum amount.
  4. Customers do not have to pay delivery costs when they choose the virtual Gift card option.

After all

Now is the ideal moment to add a gift card section to your eCommerce site because the holiday season is quickly approaching. Start distributing premium gift cards, which are the best choice for both private and business gifts. Have a question? Ask away in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] if you need any help with this module.

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