The extraordinary features of the OpenCart Gift Card module

To start with – you might already know what a Gift Card means and it is one of the trendiest ways of bringing new customers and orders to your eCommerce store. In fact, they are hype right now. In case you have been considering installing the OpenCart gift card module on your eCommerce store, you are at the right place.

This blog details the various features of the OpenCart send gift card extension that makes the option a success on your eCommerce store. In addition to those, find the key features of the OpenCart extension below.

Features of the OpenCart send gift card extension

1. Simple Installation

The OpenCart Gift Card manager extension is easy to install and configure. The store admin needs no special knowledge to get through the installation process. One can easily go through the steps mentioned in the User Manual and complete the procedure.

2. Set Minimum and Maximum Amount

The store admin can set a base amount and the maximum sum for a gift card. The customers can just purchase a gift card between that limit with the help of the OpenCart gift module.

3. Creation of unlimited gift cards

With the OpenCart Gift Card extension, the store admin has the freedom to create an ‘n’ number of gift cards. Whether it is for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays like Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Valentine’s Day, the store admin can create as many gift cards as he wants with the OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin.

4. Delivery gap days setting

The OpenCart Gift Card module framework gives a choice to set the Gift Card delivery gap in the number of days.

5. PDF format in the new version of the OpenCart gift card manager extension

The updated version features an option that generates a descriptive pdf format for the gift card.

6. Unique prefix code in the Gift Cards

The store admin will be able to set an exclusive prefix code to the gift voucher with the assistance of the OpenCart gift cards module.

7. Change in Order status with the Gift Card Module for OpenCart

Using the OpenCart gift card extension, the admin can change the order status for the Gift Card orders. After the order status is updated, the beneficiary receives the Gift Card.

8. The gift card purchases can be easily monitored

The store admin can easily track the gift card purchases from the back-end. He/she can see the order information, order status, delivery date, and other order information. The OpenCart gift card system module gives an alternative to printing the order details.

9. Customers need to input various information for gifting the gift card

When a customer buys a gift card for the beneficiary, he/she needs to provide various information. For instance, the amount, the name of the sender and the beneficiary, and the email address of the recipient are asked for the gift card to be delivered to the respective person.

10. Add Relevant Keywords

The layout mapping is available to any classification by adding applicable keywords to it with the OpenCart gift module. For instance, Love (Anniversary, Valentine’s Day), Birthday, Festivals (Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving), and so forth.

11. Email notification feature

The store owner can easily send notifications via email to customers who opt for the ‘Print By Yourself’ option.

12. Increment in sales

The OpenCart gift card module allows the admin to build the conversion rates on their Opencart store.

Additional features of the OpenCart send gift card extension

Journal Theme Compatibility

Journal is the bestselling and top-rated theme that is compatible with Opencart 2.3.x and 3.x. It allows the store owners to design and create the best OpenCart store.

The multiple language compatibility

The OpenCart Send Gift Card extension by Knowband supports multiple languages so that customers find the gift cards that belong to them – in their language. In fact, the in-built option for changing language as per the location is available for the messages and email templates.

Multi-Store compatibility

The OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin is multi-store compatible.

Add the Gift Card button to different tabs

When you choose the OpenCart Gift Card Manager extension from Knowband, you can place the gift card button anywhere on the website that you think will be most noticeable by the customers. It could be on the header, footer, left sidebar, or the right sidebar as well. Furthermore, you can also add the functionality in the “My Account” section.

Enhanced and improved UI

The user interface makes a lot of difference for an eCommerce store because how the user can interact with the functionalities is what makes the store a success or a failure. The OpenCart Send Gift Card extension is mobile responsive and offers a user-friendly interface. As a result, this allows the customers to browse, select, and shop digital gift cards from your store.


The OpenCart Gift card manager features functionality that allows the store owner to add a personalized image from the back-end to the front-end. This allows the customers to create a custom gift card that they want to with an image that they want to have on the gift card when ordered and delivered to the recipient. From the back-end of the OpenCart Gift Card system, the store proprietor can make limitless personalized gift voucher formats. With new foundations and altered messages or utilizing instant gift voucher layouts, it can be done with ease.

Customized email templates

To lessen the hassle and workload of the store owner/admin, the OpenCart Gift Card module comes with customized email templates. The admin has to just choose from the options of templates available. Furthermore, he can choose while sending the email after the order is placed and when the order status changes.

The cron functionality

The customers can choose the date of arrival of both physical (to address) and virtual gift card (via mail).

Add a snappy title and personalized message

With this new form of Gift Card Module for OpenCart, the administrator can add a title and depiction to the Gift Card layout. This title and portrayal along with the picture will be visible to the client.

The order inventory

The latest version of the OpenCart Gift Cards module allows the admin to keep a track of all the gift cards in one place. From the Gift Card Orders tab, the store owner can easily check and view all the details of the orders received through gift cards.

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