What are the key features of the OpenCart Exit Popup module?

Before we get down to actually understanding the different features of the OpenCart Exit Popup module, know that it is also called the OpenCart Exit Intent Pop up. Further, you need to know is what it actually is all about.

What is an Exit popup?

Well, an exit popup is a popup technique that helps the store owners to stop the visitors/customers when they’re trying to exit the eCommerce store.

The pop up actually displays on the front-end when it is visible that the guest is attempting to take an exit. The Opencart Exit Popup extension furnishes you with a chance to stop your visitors at the last possible second. The OpenCart Exit Intent popup module allows the store admin to stop the visitors from exiting. He/she can do that in the way that he/she wants to from the website.

Overview of the OpenCart Newsletter Subscription popup extension

  1. Is a perfect for Entry and Exit Pop up
  2. Allows the store admin to design popup and adjust the look and feel of the same
  3. Features numerous popup themes
  4. Set up discount coupons
  5. Email sync through MailChimp and Constant Contact

Features of the OpenCart subscription popup module

1. OpenCart Responsive popup module has pre-existing popup themes

The OpenCart Exit Intent Pop up offers pre-appealing popup themes. You can pick the ideal one starting from the drop down menu.

2. Subscription popup extension allows alteration of popup content

The OpenCart Email Subscription popup module permits the store admin to change the popup content as per the objectives. In addition, it can be changed as they need to accomplish through that popup. The OpenCart extension offers three segments to indicate the popup content.

3. Email Subscription popup extension gives numerous choices to design the popup

The OpenCart Exit Popup provides a wide variety of choices to design the popup display settings.

4. OpenCart Responsive popup module has display re-occurrence settings

The store admin can easily set the display recurrence of the popup in terms of days to the same user.

5. Provide a fixed or percentage type of discount

The Opencart Exit Popup extension allows the store admin to provide a fixed or percentage-based discount in the popups.

6. MailChimp and Constant Contact Integrator compatibility

OpenCart Exit Intent popup module is compatible with MailChimp and Constant Contact Integrator. The store admin can easily use them in email marketing services.

7. The admin can generate a fixed code

With the help of the OpenCart Newsletter Subscription popup extension, the store admin can generate a fixed code or unique code every time the users feed their email into the exit popup box.

8. Customizable email template

The OpenCart subscription popup module features customizable email templates. The admin can easily change the email subject and content of the email template as per the reason for the mail.

9. Choice of website pages to display the popup is available

The OpenCart Responsive popup module allows the store admin to select the website pages on which the popup displays for the customers.

10. Viewing of the stats in the back-end

The store admin can track the coupon statistics in tabular and graphical format from the admin front of this OpenCart Email Subscription popup module.

Advantages of the OpenCart Exit Pop up Extension

  1. The Email Subscription popup extension by Knowband tracks the mouse movement of the user on the website. In addition, ensures that the popup displays the moment the cursor moves towards the exit button.
  2. Increment in email subscriptions and development of the email list.
  3. Urge users to purchase by giving them a coupon code and lift your conversions.
  4. Diminish the bounce rate of your website.
  5. Lessen shopping cart abandonment.


What do you do to stop your visitors from exiting your eCommerce store? For instance, build your email subscriptions list and look forward to bring back customers to your store. You can do it with the Opencart Exit Popup extension. The functional Opencart extension helps you in tracking your visitor’s movement and providing them a coupon code that they would not want to miss.

If you want to know more about the OpenCart Exit Intent popup module, click on the links below:

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