How does the OpenCart Advanced Wishlist Extension enhance customer engagement?

OpenCart Advanced Wishlist Extension is one of the best modules of OpenCart and comes with various benefits. This feature allows e-commerce clients to build a list of goods that they want to purchase in near future for themselves or receive as a gift in the future. OpenCart save for later extension offers clients a convenient way of shopping. It allows customers to arrange the items they want. This module helps in lowering the cart abandonment rate and boosts the site’s customer experience by making it simpler for clients to buy from you and motivating others to do likewise.

Features of OpenCart Advanced Wishlist extension

There are several ways through which this module enhances the customer experience.

OpenCart Advanced Wishlist Module comes with an attractive Front-end representation

Speaking about the look and feel of the front-end is neat and clean in the OpenCart Advanced Wishlist Module which is liked by customers a lot. This module comes with a direct call to action button for adding products to the cart and the store admin can edit the button, colour, font and other details according to the theme.

OpenCart wishlist module lets clients maintain a private wish list

The OpenCart WishList Module acts as a convenient method to recollect the things that made it to the list, which will be needed for future events, for example, weddings, parties, birthdays etc. People who are into online shopping find it a very helpful category and engaging as it saves a lot of “browsing” time.

Customer Analysis

With the help of the OpenCart save for later addon, e-commerce merchants can evaluate the customer lists with the shortlisted product quantities and other details.

Evaluate the product

From this point of view, you may be enticed to recommend that you needn’t a wishlist because you know which of your smash hit things are. The advanced OpenCart wishlist extension helps the store vendor to assess the item that is generally most requested or common. The category/product review reports can be introduced by the OpenCart store admin in the form of a chart.

Therefore adding this module to your eCommerce website will only profit your sales and boost customer engagement. OpenCart Advanced Wishlist Module helps store owners to keep track of customers needs. It helps you keep track of what your customers want. OpenCart wishlist extension helps in predicting stock level and managing inventory.

For more information on installation, admin and front demo, click on the links below.

User Guide

Admin Demo

Front Demo

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