How Push Notifications Can Grow Your OpenCart Mobile App Sales?

Push notification is one of the most effective tools to boost the sales & conversion of your OpenCart Mobile Application. It is considered a handy way for marketing & promotion via eCommerce mobile apps. Many eCommerce businesses have seen instant growth in their sales after launching Android and iOS mobile apps. Having a featured pair of mobile apps helps the store admin to interact better with the customers and thus increases the chances of more purchases. The store admin can simply highlight information, updates, discounts, sales and offers via OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App. 

The push notification feature is getting adapted by many eCommerce mobile app owners globally. It also helps in converting the visitors to prospect customers and boosts the conversation rate. The OpenCart Mobile App helps the customer to remain aware of all the amazing deals & offers in the eCommerce store. The store admin can also send the time-based push notification to the customer.

What is OpenCart Mobile App Builder?

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator is a ready-made extension that requires no coding knowledge to perform any kind of changes in the mobile app. The store admin is free to change the look and the feel of the app with several configuration settings in the admin panel. The eCommerce mobile app consists of all the necessary features and functionalities for a better shopping experience. 

Both Android and iOS App for OpenCart will be published on the Google Play & Apple App Store. The customers can install the same on mobile devices and shop products on the go. On the other hand, the store owner can access the extension admin panel (installed in the back office) and make relevant changes. The push notifications template, image, landing page, etc. can be easily configured from the admin panel. Even, the push notifications can be scheduled for automatic or manual deployment.

How do Push Notifications work with OpenCart Android & iOS App?

push-notificationsThe store admin can configure the Push notifications in the OpenCart Mobile App Maker by following these steps:

  1. The eCommerce merchant has to go to the admin panel of the module.
  2. The store admin has to go to the setting option and select push notification.
  3. There are several customization options that the store admin can use and enable or disable the push notification. 

After the store admin enables the push notification the customer can start receiving the push notification on the device home screen. The customer can also receive the push notification when he is not using the shopping app and his mobile screen is locked. When the online shopper clicks on the push notification, he will be directed to the redirected page automatically.

Check Admin Panel Demo:

Check Android App Demo: 

Check iOS App Demo:

Benefits Of Mobile Push Notifications in OpenCart Android & iOS Apps


1. Customer information is not required:

Most of the pop-ups demand an email address to send the newsletters or promotional offers to the customers.  But, the push notification feature avoids asking the same. Mobile shoppers do not really need to enter their email addresses or any other personal information. Moreover, the OpenCart Mobile App for Android and iOS does not require any personal information about the user. If the mobile app is installed on the mobile device, the customer will receive the push notifications even if he is not using the OpenCart Mobile App. 

2. Real-time Notifications:

This feature makes sure that any push notifications should be delivered on time and every mobile app user receives the same. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker module sends real-time push notifications to the customers to establish instant communication with them. Whenever any information, updates, discounts, and offers, etc. needs to be highlighted, the push notifications can get the job done with quick results.  

3. Increase In Traffic:

Sending push notifications is a great strategy to boost the traffic on your OpenCart Mobile App. Whenever the customer reads an update or sale offers on the notifications, they are most likely to open it in OpenCart Mobile App. So, it helps in boosting the traffic of the eCommerce mobile app and grab more conversions. 

4. Generating New Customers:

The push notifications encourage the costumes to open the Mobile App for OpenCart. The majority of the mobile shoppers tend to make the purchase once they opened the app. If the first-time visitor likes the Android and iOS app, he does not want to miss any future updates and keeps the app installed on the device. Once the visitor became the customer then it is more likely that he may become a potential customer. 

5. Boost In Conversion Rate:

Often it happens that the customer is looking for any particular product on the OpenCart Mobile App which is out of stock. The push notifications can be used to bring sales for the same. The store admin can schedule push notifications for the in-demand products out of stock products. If the price is high then the push notification with discount offers could be a useful tool to bring sales. 

6. Improved Engagement Rate:

Push notification allows the customer to access the push notifications on the mobile device with a single tap. Additionally, the store admin can engage more customers by choosing a catchy image or heading for the push notifications in the OpenCart Mobile App. Present the offer the online shoppers can’t refuse. 

Ending Comments:

After going through all the above-mentioned points, we can say that Push Notifications are one of the major ways to do effective marketing on mobile applications. And in this article, we have also discussed all the prime advantages of using push notifications in the OpenCart Mobile Application. The store admin can also make several changes in the OpenCart Mobile App from the admin panel and boost the brand visibility. To know more, just send us an email at [email protected].

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