Make your eCommerce store deliveries quicker with OpenCart Delivery Boy App

To provide a good customer experience, B2C eCommerce businesses require a robust delivery system that can handle order tracking from order pickup to delivery. With the growth of the eCommerce market, the demand for online ordering has grown, and having a reliable delivery system is essential. The OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App can assist the store admin in providing timely delivery to consumers. The OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder also helps in increasing the customer trust and loyalty to the eCommerce store via Delivery Boy App. Moreover, Knowband’s OpenCart eCommerce Delivery Boy App is a ready-to-use eCommerce plugin to launch Delivery Boy Android & iOS apps. So, the Opencart extension allows the store admin to do activities like assigning orders to delivery boys, adds them to the dashboard, manages them, tracks their activities, and so on.

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1. Easy Configuration And Customization:

The store admin can track and manage the activities of the delivery boy by using the OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder. So, the OpenCart eCommerce Delivery Boy App allows the store admin to change the logo and brand name of the delivery boy app.

2. Delivery Boy Registration:

The delivery boy can register themselves by the OpenCart Delivery Boy App Maker web module. The delivery boy’s personal information, such as name, email, profile image, vehicle number, and vehicle type, will be asked during registration.

3. Notify with Emails:

The login credentials are sent via email once the eCommerce store admin has set up the Delivery Boy account. From the OpenCart Delivery Boy App Builder admin panel, the store owner can also easily enable or disable the Delivery Boy.

4. Delivery Boy Can Check Orders

The delivery boy has access to all of the orders in his nearby area. The OpenCart Delivery Boy App Creator also allows the store admin to change the order status to delivered, assigned, pending. 

5. Accept Or Reject Orders

The delivery boy may also accept/reject the delivery order in the OpenCart Delivery Management App. In case of any issue, the delivery boy can also reject the product delivery request with a valid reason.

6. Doorstep Delivery:

With a no-touch delivery system, the customer will get their order in no time. The OpenCart Order Tracking App provides easy navigation to the delivery boy. The delivery guy also has to enter the OTP provided by the customer in OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App to mark the order status to be delivered.

7. Push notification:

The delivery boy will also receive the push notification in OpenCart Delivery Boy App to get the reminder and updates.

Conclusion –

The OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder also has all of the security and customization capabilities that a store admin needs to run a successful delivery management system. So, the OpenCart eCommerce Delivery Boy App is a simple option for every eCommerce business to ensure that orders are delivered on time to the customer’s doorstep. Send us an email at [email protected] if you want to learn more about this.

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