Seamlessly Integrate Your Etsy Store with OpenCart using Knowband’s Etsy OpenCart Connector Extension

Expanding your online presence and reaching a wider audience is a key goal for any e-commerce business. If you’re running an OpenCart store and also have a presence on Etsy, managing both platforms efficiently can be a game-changer. Knowband’s Etsy OpenCart Connector extension is the perfect solution to synchronize and streamline your operations across both platforms, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both you and your customers.

Key Features of Knowband’s Etsy OpenCart Connector Extension:

Features of Knowband's Etsy OpenCart Connector Extension


Effortless Product Sync:

Simplify your product management by seamlessly syncing products between your OpenCart store and Etsy shop. The extension ensures that product details, inventory levels, and pricing are consistent across both platforms, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Order Synchronization:

Keep track of your orders effortlessly with the Etsy OpenCart Connector. When a customer places an order on Etsy, the extension automatically updates your OpenCart store, ensuring accurate inventory management and order fulfillment.

Bulk Product Upload:

Save time and effort by uploading multiple products to Etsy in one go. Knowband’s Opencart Etsy Synchronization Extension allows you to upload products in bulk, making it convenient for store owners with a large inventory.

Real-time Stock Update:

Prevent overselling and stock discrepancies with real-time stock updates. The Opencart Etsy Connector ensures that your OpenCart inventory is automatically updated based on sales made on Etsy, maintaining accuracy across both platforms.

Automated Order Processing:

Streamline your order processing workflow by automating the fulfillment process. The Etsy OpenCart Connector extension ensures that orders placed on Etsy are seamlessly integrated into your OpenCart store for efficient and timely processing.

Product Mapping:

Customize your product mapping strategy to align with the unique requirements of Etsy. Map product categories, attributes, and variations to ensure a consistent and organized product listing on both platforms.

Error Logging and Notifications:

Stay informed about any issues with the synchronization process through error logging and notifications. The extension provides detailed logs to help you quickly identify and resolve any discrepancies.


In the dynamic world of e-commerce, integrating your OpenCart store with Etsy is a strategic move to enhance your brand’s reach and increase sales. Knowband’s Opencart Etsy Connector simplifies the process, allowing you to manage both platforms seamlessly. Invest in this powerful extension today and experience the efficiency and convenience of synchronized operations, enabling you to focus on growing your business across multiple channels effortlessly. Elevate your e-commerce strategy with Knowband’s Etsy OpenCart Connector.

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