How to make your listings visible on eBay Marketplace?

Getting a thing listed on top of the marketplaces isn’t a cakewalk. One of the most popular marketplaces known in the eCommerce business is eBay. Numerous components are answerable for the positioning of products on eBay. It’s vital to remember the listing strategies to rank your things on the top in the search results. On the contrary, the listed products will stay concealed by the customers which will prompt the deficiency of sales of your product. The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration helps you through.

Prior, it was not difficult to improve listings for positioning higher in the search results. However, in the current period where innovation is developing each day. In addition, vendors need to keep themselves updated with the most recent patterns and strategies to upgrade their listing appropriately. Numerous eCommerce platforms have effectively begun using man-made intelligence procedures as their calculations. With the association of the savvy engines in the eCommerce business, it is currently important for merchants to remain in a state of harmony with these new advances to forestall future affliction.

Do you need to develop your business and sell more on eBay? You need to settle on the absolute prescribed procedures. Probably the prescribed procedures that play a critical job in your selling strategy include certain steps. We’ll talk about them in this blog.

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Best ways to sell on eBay for making your listings visible with the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module

Keywords and Titles need to be at top of the list

Having the option to distinguish the right keywords is the main errand to perform. The product keyword ought to be user-friendly so imagined customer’s perspective. In addition, attempt to think like them and search for any product using the watchwords that ring a bell first.

Titles ought to be decent and user-friendly. Furthermore, it’s essential to use significant keywords. A title will assist with pulling in the enormous measure of traffic to your eBay listings.

Include images with details and is of high quality

Its search engine examinations product pictures by dissecting the number of photographs and the product information passed on by them. So on the off chance that you need to rank your product on the first spot on the list, it’s essential to use excellent images with nitty-gritty information about the product.

Try not to use excessively splendid colors and snap an image in a light foundation. In addition, with the high goal to get an unmistakable picture of the product. Continuously attempt to click multiple photographs of the product from various angles. Hence, choose the ones that look stunning with a clear idea of the product.

Classify your product listing clearly with the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension

Choosing a significant classification is unimaginably significant as this straightforwardly impacts the search results. In addition, assists the purchaser with discovering your products. Picking an off-base class will restrict you from being found by customers. Thus, list your products as need be in the classification. And, your listings ought to conform to calculations.

Complete product descriptions

This has been said time and again. Improper product descriptions take your eCommerce business nowhere. Try to be more descriptive about your products because the customers cannot feel the product. It would be great to let them know everything about it in words. So, they won’t feel cheated in case they come across something. OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin proposes you compose a 200 words description for a specific product. So it’s imperative to expound on your product in detail. With the goal that the purchaser becomes acquainted with additional about your product. In addition, go straight for buying it.

Presentation of listing format

You should apply all the above-mentioned tips besides using the eBay OpenCart Integration. However, on the off chance that you can’t present your list appealingly, it’s of no use. An ineffectively designed list can restrict your prosperity as an eBay vendor. So, it’s truly significant that your list looks proficient and trustworthy. In addition, ensure that the listed products are exceptional and the quality you are giving to the customers is high. The nature of listing can affect eBay’s positioning.


It’s impractical for dealers to execute every one of these strategies without a moment’s delay. On the contrary, you should attempt to carry any two out of these, it would influence your product rankings. The more strategies you will oblige, the higher your listings will rank in the eBay search. So, attempt to oblige every one of these strategies. The eBay OpenCart API Integration integrates your store with eBay effortlessly. In addition, OpenCart eBay API Integration features highlight that even a layman can configure it accordingly. The eBay OpenCart Connector features constant synchronization and lots of benefits for the sellers and admin.

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